What display fridge do I need for my shop?

display fridge

Every retailer has a commercial display fridge positioned at eye level in their food or drink area. Commercial fridge perfectly suits in any retail business that wants to present their customers their offer.

Multideck Display Fridges represent a necessary investment. They help to stock chilled food and drinks at the ideal serving temperature. And, also, help retailers to entice the customers to buy more and to maximise the profit.

So, what display fridge do I need for my shop?

What is a Display Fridge?

Pros and Cons of Display Fridges

Display fridges details

Types of Display fridges

What display fridge do I need for my shop?

commercial display fridge

But first:

What is a Display Fridge?

A display fridge is an open-fronted commercial multideck designed to grant customers the access to chilled products directly from the shelf. Commonly seen in convenience stores, cake, coffee and sandwich shops, a commercial fridge represents a great way to encourage impulse sales.

Commercial fridges may have many shapes, sizes and features. Consequently, we present you the categories of display chillers:

  1. Multideck displays: open-fronted multi-shelves cabinet like the Grab and Go fridge and Patisserie display fridge.
  2. Drinks fridge cabinets: upright glass door fridge with multi-shelves, like the Bottle chiller, Back bar fridge, Wine cooler and Beer fridge.
  3. Counter fridges: Double glazed cabinets that help the retailer to serve presented goods. These are the Serve over, Top counter and Counter fridge.

commercial refrigeration

Pros and Cons of Display Fridges:

Pros of a display fridge

There are many pros to buy a commercial display fridge for shop. But some of them make the multideck chillers and drinks fridge displays the most important investment for any business.

1.Easy to clean.

When it needs to make the refrigerator maintenance, you have a very frustrating job. You must clean the fridge in interior, exterior and around it. A display fridge makes the job easier having high-quality components and detachable shelves. In addition, you can easily see when it needs a deep clean because of its clear and large display.

2.Many facilities to properly maintain a display refrigerator.

Maintaining a professional chiller become easier in these days. And that, because every multideck or catering refrigerator has instructions manual. Moreover, we have on our website many useful advices about commercial refrigerator maintenance.

3.Large and Clear display

Most of the products need to have an attractive presentation, in order to increase the sales. Consequently, a display fridge will perfectly accomplish this mission. In other words, a display chiller become a perfect marketing tool. So, present your goods in an elegant pleasing way and maximize the shopping area.

4.Reliable and Robust

A multideck fridge has in its structure just top-quality components. As a result, a professional chiller withstands longer then a domestic refrigerator. Moreover, some of the fridges have Stainless steel on exterior, this making them more reliable.

5.More Efficient

The glass front display makes easily for customers to see the goods and to buy. But, more than this, you can check what stock you have on offer. And what stocks you are running low and needs replacing. This means that you spend less time on verifying the products stock.

6.Removable bottom plates

Professional fridges have removable bottom plates. Consequently, it facilitates quick access for cleaning and maintenance.

7.Glass side panels

Glass side panels can increase the presentation making the products more visible from any angle. In addition, they become vital when your multideck display fridge stays isolated in a corner of the shop.

8.Shelf risers

A multideck has shelf risers to stop produce from falling off onto the shop floor. Also, to display the prices.


Some of display fridges have castors to ensure easy movement and positioning in your shop. But castors may be an additionally option, so verify and select the option before buying.

10.Night blinds

Night blinds means the soft curtains that can be drawn over the open front display during out of hours periods. Furthermore, they help to increase energy efficiency of the chiller. Also, this feature may represent a premium or additional option.

Cons of a display fridge

Nothing is perfect, so, nor a commercial fridge. Therefore, we will present you the cons and some helpful tips to solve them.

1.Planning and placement

You will need to plan and calculate where the display fridge will perfectly fit in with the shop décor. The new commercial refrigeration equipment must be visible, and not staying in your way. Moreover, ensure you have placed sockets in area and your electric facility supports big consumption values. Also, it needs to operate in an ambient temperature under 25°C and 60% relative humidity.

So, think and decide where it will best serve both your business and your customers.

2.Normal Condensation

As a part of maintenance, condensation can be an issue if you don’t clean and dry the fridge weekly. As a result, it could put your chiller out of order and may result in an expensive reparation action. So, make the maintenance and verify the commercial fridge regularly.


Buying a commercial display fridge can improve your business, proving an outstanding investment. But you need to take all the aspects in consideration. So, think about why you need the display chiller and how it could improve your business.

Display fridges explained

Commonly seen in convenience stores, cafés, pubs, bars, takeaways and canteens, a display fridge helps you to hold large quantities of stock with minimal maintenance, while providing easy access for customers and staff. Consequently, they keep the food fresh and chilled, yet displayed in a visually attractive way.

With so many types, sizes, features and styles you’ll just have to choose your ideal multideck. In addition, a choice of finishes from black steel to 304 stainless steel, they ensure that any style of environment is complemented and enhanced. Moreover, a glass front fridge represents the most robust, reliable commercial refrigeration equipment solution. And that will add a sparkle of elegance to your company, but also increase the sales and functioning to the best of its ability.

display fridge

Display fridge types:

1.Grab and Go display fridge

Grab & Go fridge

Grab & Go fridge displays have an sophisticated air curtain system, which recycles the cold air. Otherwise, the air will normally dissipate in conventional designs. In conclusion, this makes them energy efficient, sustainable and Eco-friendly.

With the choice of solid back or rear glass doors for staff loading, Grab and Go cabinets constitutes the highest standard units at the market. Suitable for packed goods and drinks, the multideck come in a wide area of shapes, sizes and capacities, for any catering environment.


The size of the multideck you choose is very important. After all, you need a display fridge to fit in the space available in your shop. Obviously, the larger dimensions offer bigger capacity available area for presenting goods. Capacity also dependents on the number and configuration of shelves that each cabinet has.


A commercial fridge needs to offer the correct temperature in order to preserve the flavour, freshness, texture, and moisture of your products. Consequently, it will entice customers with its high impact glass front display. The temperature range will be dictated by the goods you wish to present.

The temperature ranges are:  -1 / +7 C.

2.Cake fridge

cake display fridge

The Patisserie fridge perfectly fits in cafes, canteens, cake and patisserie shops. Cake display chillers have full glass surrounds to view the products from any angle. In addition, they come in many elegant finishes from silver coated steel to 304 stainless steel. So, patisserie display fridges help to showcase your sweet cakes and pastries in the most appealing possible manner.


A cake display fridge needs to offer the perfect temperature. And this, to ensure the freshness, texture, moisture and flavour of your sweet cakes and to tempt customers to buy.

The temperature ranges are:  +5 / +7 C.

3. Drinks Fridge drinks fridge

The glass door fridge has also the popular appellation as drinks fridge. In addition, a bottle chiller perfectly stock and chill your drinks and other produce. With its big glass door display, it attractively presents what your shop has available. Moreover, an upright display fridge maintains the ideal chilled conditions and granting you the full compliance with food safety regulations.

Clients will have access to different sizes, in terms of width, height and depth. So, a choice of finishes assures you that any type of business is enhanced.

Bottle cooler displays represents the best way for chilling drinks and other beverages, charming presenting them and increasing the sales.

ECO-fridge UK tried and tested in the most popular pubs or bars all the drinks fridge displays within their catalogue. So, these bottle fridges grant the ability to keep up with the rigorous environment.

Bar fridge Drinks fridge

Do you own a bar, pub or bistro and desire to present perfectly chilled drinks to your customers?

Eco-Fridge UK offers a complete and elegant range of bottle coolers. In addition, if you have a small or big bar, commercial drinks fridge will successfully gratify your company requirements.

Back Bar chiller represents an essential piece in any bar design and ensure the boost of your profit. Choosing the right bar cooler is imperative to smooth and efficient operation in any busy service area.

Above all, in order to keep beverages accessible and reliable, you need to have the back bar display fridge. So, pamper your clients with appetising and perfectly chilled drinks and make them coming back for more.

Commercial Beer fridge

Beer Fridge

A commercial beer chiller or beer cooler ensures fulfilling the design of any bar, pub, or club. Therefore, a commonly beer fridge is the undercounter back bar fridge. And this provides easy access to chilled drinks.

But, for bigger requirements, upright display chiller represents the best solution.

Beer fridges have great features like the sliding or hinged doors and attractive lighting. And this helps you to attract the customer’s eye to the bottles.

In other words, when you buy a beer cooler, take in consideration the capacity and access. Although, verify the efficiency and appearance, especially when you need multiple fridges.

Commercial Wine Cooler
Commercial Wine Fridge

wine cooler

In most of cases, a wine fridge or wine cooler has the same features to a beer fridge. But in interior, the wine fridge is quite different.

As various wines have different serving temperatures, wine chillers must keep a constant temperature to ensure the best flavours of your wines.

Some wine coolers have multiple temperature zones. And this permits you to keep red and white wines separated in the same fridge.

Another difference is that some of the best wine display fridges have wooden shelves. And this because wire racks can bend under the weight of heavy bottles and may scratch the labels.

4.Upright Display Chiller

Upright Display Chiller

If you’re looking for more storage for your beverages, a solid drinks fridge displays offer the perfect solution. Top efficiency and great performance ensure you that bottles always stay chilled in premium conditions.

Each drink offers complete satisfaction to your clients staying just ready to get served. And this can guarantee a boost in your sales and profit.

The glass door fridge perfectly house and chill your products, attractively presenting what your shop has available. As a matter of fact, upright display fridge units maintain the correct chilled conditions and all within a stylish frame.

5.Serve Over counters

serve over

Catering Serve Over displays (or Deli Display) ensure the maximisation of the sales of your food and drinks. Especially useful in catering, canteens, delicatessens and takeaways, serve over fridges preserve your stock at the perfect temperature.

However, the features provided by this display fridge units make them an amazing piece of catering equipment for any takeaway environments. In addition, it is also capable of keeping food and drinks chilled for very long time periods.

A Serve Over Counter stays right in front of the clients. And this gives them a vital importance. They are designed to effectively merchandise your food and drinks such as cooked meats or fish. Accordingly, the serve over offers a versatile assisted service solution.

Because they are large and have all around visibility, clients will see them first. In effect, a stylish appearance that fits into the front of your house become vital.


Mobility: whether you want to present meat, or other chilled products, you can use these mobile counters. In other words, they can be easily transported anywhere you need.

Visibility: Serve Over counters combine a chilled display fridge and a large counter top on which scales, tills, or further displays can be placed.

Slimline: every counter can easily fit through a doorway of standard size. Moreover, those slimline fridges come with a large display deck that maximises the visibility of its interior area.


A serve over display fridge must offer the correct temperature. Consequently, it will unsure the freshness, moisture and flavour of your goods and will entice clients with its high impact glass front display.

The temperature ranges are:  0 to +12 C.


In conclusion, having products attractively displayed directly in front of customers, encourage up-sales per customer. A common sight in canteens, cafes, delis and supermarkets, the serve over represents the best way to showcase any range of produce.

6.Counter displays

deli display

Double Glazed Counter display fridges perfectly fit in patisseries, cake shops, and cheese shops. Therefore, they come in a range of different sizes and suit in all kind of establishments.

Counters and top counter displays have amazing features like the top-quality components, double glazed glasses, and powerful chiller.

With bonded front, top and sides, and heavy-duty double glazed rear doors, the counter display offers the ideal thermal efficiency.

Therefore, they suit for displaying any patisserie products. The compressor with built-in controls provides ventilated refrigeration at each shelf level to maintain the correct temperature throughout.

The Top Counter fridge for shop represents an ideal solution for presenting food and drink. In addition, it can sit on top of your other counter displays. Certainly, this represents the perfect solution when your space is limited. Also, when you want to create a charming environment. The Double Glazed Counter Top units are robust, versatile and portable. So, they perfectly suit for on the go catering ventures.

Display Freezer

Upright display freezer

A multideck display freezer means a large, open-fronted merchandiser designed that allow customers to pick frozen goods directly off the shelf.

They stand at the forefront of high performance, efficiency, and versatile displays, made just from premium components.

Moreover, from convenience stores to supermarkets, they offer the best solution for all retail environments.

Due to their large size and open design, display freezers can present ice cream and other frozen foods.

Whether you’re offering frozen ready meals or vegetables, ice cream or lollies, a professional Display Freezer ensures a tempting presentation.

After all, they must keep products at the perfect temperature for long term storage.

Chest Freezer

Ice cream Freezer

On a hot summer’s day, a chest freezer brings in customers for buying delicious ice cream or lollies. Likewise, offering frozen desserts or simply merchandising boxed ready meals, they can help you boost your profit.

Available as display chest freezer, or ice cream freezer, there’s a plenty of choice for merchandising frozen foods. Ice cream Freezer add a great value to your retail environment, because of their enticing display. Moreover, chest lid freezers have high performance and energy efficiency.

So, the sliding door chest freezer assure that you perfectly display and stock goods at the ideal temperature for long time. Ice cream freezer cabinets offer quick and easy access to frozen items.

In other words, freezers usually house perishable products for a long period of time with little loss in nutrition or change in appearance. Most important, a sliding glass chest freezer attract consumers to buy your frozen products. That’s why, we advise you to have an Ice cream freezer.

commercial fridge

So, what display fridge do I need for my shop?

Display fridge and multideck chiller cabinets are all manufactured using top-quality, and environmentally European components and our refrigerant development programme allows us to provide the market “cleanest” commercial refrigeration. Above all, it helps to ensure that your commercial fridge units spend more time chilling than being repaired.

For simplicity, this table advice you which kind of display fridge perfectly suit for each product.

Patisserie / Cake Fridge Drinks Fridge Serve Over Counter Multideck Display Fridge Grab & Go Display Fridge Display / Ice cream Freezer
Chilled Food
Ready meals
Ambient Food
Chilled Drinks
Beer / Wine
Frozen Food / Ice Cream

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