Upright freezer vs Chest freezer – Display freezers pros and cons

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Commercial freezers have many options and features that makes them unique for any commercial environment. They can be upright freezer or chest freezer, display freezer or storage freezer.

Chest freezer sits horizontally on the ground and is deep as compared to upright freezers. This might be ideal when adding food items into it, but it also means you’ll need to dig for older items.

On the opposite hand, upright display freezer looks tons like commercial glass door fridge units. They stand vertically and add an equivalent way that a commercial fridge does to carry the things on the varied shelves and compartments.

But let’s analyze them, one by one, and see the Pros and the Cons.







7.Safety Concerns


9.Freezer Burn

10.Commercial Freezer Categories


commercial display freezer


Upright Display Freezer Appearance

Upright freezer means a commercial freezer which may be particularly useful for stocking and also displaying foodstuffs to the audience. And this because the meals are often displayed inside a freezer having a glass door. So, it truly is usually shielded from viewers to avoid any sort of physical hitting the bottom with the food to assist keep it hygienic.

upright display freezer

They’re more space-saving than chest freezers, which makes it easier to seek out space within the home. They will easily stick in areas where there’s less horizontal space. Chest freezers tend to be wide long and width, making finding a spot harder.

Besides, available space is certainly a primary concern when attempting to place so as the design of a store or maybe a restaurant, alongside a Slimline version often supplies a striking, alluring and lastly a practical display option.

The upright display freezer becomes fantastic for anyplace that pulls the attention of customers. This commercial freezer is often a plus that an everyday buyer goes to be grateful for.

Certainly, an upright freezer is commonly a final choice that a store can install to boost food and sweets sales. Although within the event, you are employing a small store, then you certainly might get to accompany mini display fridge.

display fridge

Several manufacturers provide a spread of upright freezers that eventually helps with enhancing your product display by providing extra visibility and adding some style simultaneously. Regardless of what you would like to display, alongside other convenience foods, upright ice cream freezers include the right option to opt for.

Chest Display Freezer Appearance

A chest display freezer is perhaps the foremost convenient products you’ll find today and it’s going to even save costs within the long-run. Sliding door chest freezer gives you ample space to adopt advantage of storing bulks of meat. Also, to freeze seasonal berries and jams, with the daily perishable items and produce ahead meals.

Chest Freezer

Chest display freezers offer many perks to the user about price, storage capacity also as. The chest freezer is definitely the foremost economical freezer you’ll find today. In other words, every inch inside the chest freezer is storage usable.

The sliding glass door chest freezer has built-in sidewall insulation to carry on to their cold temperatures well for an extended period and thus use least-energy to work. Most significantly, do you have to be facing power outages or even you’re moving to a special house, an unplugged chest freezer will keep the products cold for up to 3 days, as long as the lid stays closed.

With the assistance of cardboard boxes, you can filter several sorts of food contents. Though, chest display freezers need to have tons of bending and moving frozen foods to urge towards the specified item. But you don’t have to worry at all.

There are various ice cream freezer models you can purchase that comes employing a bottom drawer. And that’s accessible from outside within the freezer.


Chest display freezers are more energy-efficient than upright freezers. Generally, they cost a touch quite £4 a month to run when divided. Upright freezers cost around £11 a month to run. Both options are available energy-efficient models, which may further your cost savings.

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Ice cream freezers use an airtight locking seal at the highest to stay the food inside fresh and frozen. Thanks to this, it also means less energy is employed to stay the container cool. Upright display freezers commonly have smaller gaps in their door mechanism. And this may need more energy to maintain the goods frozen.

Also, if the facility within the home goes out, the chest freezer can keep food frozen for another 3 days at a time. This is often again thanks to the seal on the surface rim of the freezer. Upright freezers can only keep things frozen for at some point at a time.

Additionally, chest freezers need to be manually defrosted. While upright models may accompany an auto-defrost option. Freezers equipped with auto-defrost tend to be noisier or louder generally than people who don’t have an auto-defrost. Therefore, this is often thanks to the extra air circulation, also on the very fact that they require more energy to run, sometimes producing a louder, electrical hum.

Generally, a chest freezer must be unplugged, drained, then cleaned while some upright freezer units make defrost themselves.


chest lid freezer

Chest lid freezers

Chest lid freezers have only a wire basket inside them to supply organization, which suggests that other food items can become buried under each other. Also bending, lifting, and moving is required to seek out what you’re trying to find.

This will become tiring when you’re checking out a little bag of vegetables but have thrown bags of meat on top. However, in the present days, many chest freezers have additional storage baskets and compartments which will be wont to make organization easier.

Some models have drawers which will be pulled out and used for quick access. This makes employing a chest display freezer more bearable, although the user still has got to bend over to access the things or remove baskets.

One of the advantages of employing a chest freezer, however, is that the ability to suit in larger items. The shortage of shelves makes it easier to suit during a single large item like a turkey. And lots of chest lid freezers have up to 20 more usable space compare to an upright freezer. So, if you propose on storing large items, this sort of freezer gives you the foremost utility.

chest freezer drawer

Upright freezers

Upright freezers have shelving compartments in them, very similar to a drinks fridge. This offers a great way for goods to be neatly organized on different shelves throughout the cabinet. Within the past, upright freezers were thought to be more convenient for this reason.

The various shelves allow a better organization, particularly if you select a model that permits you to manoeuvre the shelves to raised make use of the space.

However, larger frozen items aren’t getting to fit well within the upright freezer thanks to the shelving compartments. This reduces the space vertically, giving no room for tall items, like an outsized turkey or ham.

In addition, the door’s temperature may sometimes get warmer than inside. So, while you gain some storage on the doors, you’ll have a difficult time keeping everything at a good temperature.


Since a chest freezer requires more room, it became important to make sure that you simply have the proper amount of space. Installers check to form sure there’s enough headroom above it to lift the highest. Additionally, there should be an electrical connector for the commercial freezer when installed.

Upright freezers require less floor space, but the door has got to have enough room to swing open within the right direction. There must be a minimum of an in behind the display freezer in the least times. So it can’t be installed flush against the wall behind it. There should even be an accessible plug connector.

Regardless of which sort of display freezer you select, a professional tip is that when measuring, you should add a further inch to the width of the space. This may help accommodate airflow to the commercial freezer, helping to stop things like frozen coils.


commercial fridge price

The price of a chest display freezer starting from £500 and for the upright freezer starts from £700.

However, some manufacturers have installation and delivery costs. But ECO-fridge UK ensures free installation and free delivery in England.

You can see many models and prices by visiting the Display Freezer category.


Maintenance of the chest display freezer may be a bit more involved than that of the upright. This is often mostly because the chest lid freezer doesn’t have an auto-defrost option.

This suggests thawing out the freezer, draining it, then cleaning out the within. Additionally, bending over and going deeper into the freezer are often tiring on the rear and legs for a few.

The upright freezer is often placed on the auto-defrost option then wiped down. This takes less time and provides less of a headache and backache when cleaning out the within of the commercial freezer.

However, this is often difficult to inform when purchasing whether an upright cabinet has auto-defrost equipped, as many don’t. So, you’ll need to ask your dealer if this is often an option that you simply desired.

commercial refrigeration maintenance

7.Safety Concerns

Neither is safer than the opposite. And that they both accompany locking choices counting on the model. Purchasing any display freezer may pose safety concerns when children are around. Children can easily open the lid to the chest freezer and climb inside, even as a toddler can get into the upright freezer.


Chest display freezers tend to possess longer lifecycles than upright choices due to the way they’re made. They don’t overheat, don’t have issues with leaking fluids, and are built with long-term use in mind. Chest freezers are expected to last between 10 and 15 years, while upright freezers have an anticipation of 7 to 10 years.

storage chest freezer

9.Freezer Burn

The chest freezer tends to stay food at a more consistent temperature than the upright freezer. This suggests that you simply can theoretically leave things frozen for extended periods of your time without issue.

This issue is because they need to manually defrost. Therefore, is less air circulating through the freezer, which keeps it burn to a minimum. Additionally, there’s no food stored on the door, which may be a special temperature than the inside.

Upright freezers that have auto-defrost often have more air circulation. While this suggests that they’re lower in maintenance, it also means food stored in them is more susceptible to developing freezer burn or the buildup of ice crystals.

Therefore, temperature ranges are not as consistent, so you must not leave the food for a long time.

10.Commercial Freezer Categories

commercial freezer

Depends on your needs, your choices can differ very much. Chest freezers can have a sliding glass door to make the products inside more visible. Or they can have more professional features, being focused just for storage. In the same way, upright freezers can have a glass door to display the goods or not.

So, those are the 5 commercial freezer categories:

Upright Display Freezer

upright display freezer

The upright display freezer perfectly suits for displaying frozen food and sweets. It can be used as an Ice cream freezer, as well.

This has an aluminium interior, auto-defrost, adjustable shelves, self-closing double glazed door and many more.

The temperature has a range between -18 C and -24 C. The cheaper one has a £745 and the price is rising to £1620 depends on their size.

Chest Display Freezer

chest Freezer

Chest Display Freezer represents a great food and ice cream freezer solution.

Having high performance and energy efficiency, this chest lid freezer can stock and also display big quantities of goods for a long time.

The temperatures are also between -18 C and -24 C. The price is about £500, depends on the capacity.

Upright Storage Freezer

meat freezer

Upright Storage Freezer has professional features to perfectly stock the frozen food in the best conditions.

These have commercial kitchens as the main destination. This type of upright freezer is also named Meat Freezer because of its destination.

The upright storage freezer complies with the food safety regulations. Besides, the aluminium interior and stainless steel exterior guarantee that the freezer remains free from rust for a long time.

The temperature is from -18 C to -24 C. The price is between £590 and £1520, depends on the size and features.

Under Counter Freezer

Under Counter Freezer

Under Counter Freezer comply with all the optimal chilled storage requirements in the commercial cookery environments. These are half-size cabinets to easily fit in catering kitchens. Also, they have castor wheels for ease of movement and every cabinet door can be locked for food safety.

Under counter freezer cabinets can have one door or many doors. They have outstanding features like CFC-free insulation, low energy compressors and 304 Stainless Steel exterior.

The temperatures range is between 18 – 24 Celsius and the price starts from £490 to £1150.

Low-Temperature Storage Freezer

low temperature freezer

Low-temperature Freezer or low temp freezer cabinets have the highest freezing performance. These chest freezers suit in hospitals, laboratories but also in commercial kitchens with special requirements.

Moreover, this laboratory freezer has strong components, door locker, temperature alarm, and many more features.

Their capacity ranges between 130 and 500 litres. The laboratory chest freezer temperature may fall down to -86°C!

commercial refrigeration


Nobody can recommend to you what to choose. This depends very much on the requirements you have. Every type of commercial freezer has its own pros and cons.

We have presented to you all the models and features, to let you learnedly choose.

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