Top 3 Fridges that will Boost your Coffee Shop Sales

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There are many proven strategies for increasing the turnover of your coffee shop. Things like keeping up-to-date with trends in gourmet coffee, healthy snacks, and staying abreast of emerging technologies have proven to be common practices that have shown success at other stores. If you implement these effective practices, you will see an increase in customer traffic and the potential for increased profits. But you also need the best appliances to have a successful cafe. So let’s find out the top 3 fridges that will boost your coffee shop sales.

For many people, the main reason for getting out of bed in the morning is coffee. It is no surprise that coffee shops can do a booming trade when they invest inappropriate commercial catering fridges that reflect consumers’ health and safety needs.

In recent years there has been a significant rise in demand for fridges from coffee shops opting to upgrade their takeaway experience from a simple stand-up cooler to a commercial fridge with a refrigerated display counter at the front which doubles up as a serving station.

Customers expect the highest quality of service when they’re purchasing food and drinks from a trade, and fridges can be considered an asset in this job. Purchasing one of these fridges will bring benefits such as increased customer satisfaction and less product wastage due to a lack of time wasted on restocking.

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How can a Fridge improve my Coffee Shop?

One area of improvement for coffee shops is their use of commercial fridges. They are not utilized enough to their max potential. Many supermarkets are already using cafés inside the supermarket which are largely profitable for both parties involved.

But, some people worry about the presence of germs because it does not get cleaned every day like a typical fridge at home. Where public health is concerned, it might also be that the current practices used in commercial fridges do not incorporate best practices or health regulations that may apply to businesses or hospitality outlets. This means that cleaners and sanitization practices in such commercial fridges will need to be audited for restaurant safe status.

The refrigerator can be used for many purposes that are beneficial to the commercial environment. The Fridges for shops usually provide takeaway food and also help to advertise.

Refrigerators in commercial environments such as cafés and restaurants often offer snacks and beverages for takeaway customers, while advertising food and drink specials on posters, banners or panels. Not only do refrigerators help businesses by leveraging visual advertising, but they also provide a unique aspect of customer service which can lead to increased sales. A typical refrigerator layout will typically have shelving space for drinks on one side so it fits two rows of pint-sized drinks at a time, with shelving space for other foods running above the drink shelves.


What fridges suits a coffee shop better?

There are many different models of commercial fridges, but there are a few key features that defined those who suit a coffee shop well. Automatic shut-off is an obvious one as there may be a large amount of turnover for a morning period and if the door remains open the compressor ceases. Similarly, beverage compressors require a certain level of cooling down before dispensing which means that gas freezers may not be the best option as they cannot do this.

Customers nowadays want to be able to takeaway cups of coffee or sandwiches instead of buying them. This has encouraged new retail trends like the display fridge so potential customers can see the beverage before purchasing it.

A new trend in the retail business is seen in outlets that offer a point of purchase coffee and cold drink dispensed into takeaway cups after customers order them via a robot or machine.


1 – Grab & Go Open Fridges 

open fridgeOpen fridges are one of flexible, fresh solutions for refrigerated display flexible grab & go open fridges are a perfect place to create for taking or leaving whatever someone may need.

Also, a grab & go fridge can hold all your favourite snacks without taking too much time about getting out of the car or just stick in the house. You don’t have to worry about someone stealing your favourite snack anymore since anyone is allowed to take it.

One of the most popular commercial refrigeration solutions is known as “grab & go” open fridges. The cool part about these chillers is that anyone can walk up and get anything they want, which increases impulse buying rates because it’s so quick and easy.


2 – Glass Door Fridges 

glass door fridgeGlass door fridges came into the scene and revolutionised the way we buy beverages and snacks. With proper cold chain management, cold and frozen products can be stored without any adulteration or spoilage of perishables.

The market of cold-selling products is growing continuously. Investment potential is high as these fridges don’t need much space for setting up.

The most important factor for glass door fridges is usually pricing. As these fridges are more of a fixture rather than what you buy every month, the cost is something that needs to be considered carefully before buying.

Bar fridges contrast with refrigerator doors that are typically sized to open at 180 degrees. They are often found in coffee shops and bakeries, restaurants, convenience stores and many other establishments. Freestanding or integrated models are available depending on the space that they occupy.

Typically, these drinks fridges provide more flexibility than refrigerated display cabinets, meaning that they can be partially opened for more shelf access. They also allow passersby to see their contents with ease. Glass door fridges only show the area outside of the cool zone with the interior obscured by opaque panels mounted on the rear of each side panel which reflects most incident light (both natural and artificial).


3 – Glass Front Fridges 

glass front DisplayGlass front fridges are a great way to display your products and make them more visible. They are also a great way to show off your products and make them more attractive.

The glass front fridge is a type of commercial refrigerator that is used in shops, cafes, restaurants, and other places where food is sold. It has an open front with glass doors that allow customers to see the food inside.

Commercial refrigeration products are widely adopted in restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries and other retail outlets where products need to be refrigerated.

Internal refrigeration is required for products that cannot be contained in a cooler whilst the front display requires a display cabinet. Products need to be protected from the environment by the refrigerator cool casing strip and lack of intentional heating around food or drink products.

There can be many types of glass front refrigerators. The most important are the patisserie fridges, deli counters, and counter fridges.


Patisserie Chillers 

patisserie fridgeA patisserie fridge is a refrigerated cabinet that stores the desserts. This type of fridge is specifically designed for patisseries, bakeries, and other establishments that sell desserts. These fridges are typically found at the front counter of these establishments so that customers can see the variety of cakes and pastries offered.

The design of these fridges varies depending on the size and purpose of the establishment. For example, coffee shops will have a smaller version that only stores sweets while bakeries will have larger versions with more storage space for bread and other products.

The patisserie fridge is an important part of the pastry chef’s job – it helps them to store their products more efficiently. This type of fridge helps them to keep the freshness of their products over longer periods. And some patisserie fridges have storage space for pastries, cakes, bread, and even some other types of products that are not bakery related.


Deli Counter Fridges 

deli counterThe deli counter is a refrigerated display case where meat and cheese are typically sold. Deli counters are usually found in convenience stores, food courts, cake shops, and cafes. Deli counters are often used to sell ready-to-eat meals that can be taken home by shoppers, or eaten right away.

A deli counter is a section of a cold commercial fridge that is designed to prepare and display food, usually cold meats and cheeses. These days, deli counters are often used as a type of takeaway fridge, with the front being used as a display to tempt customers into buying their food.

A deli fridge is a fridge designed specifically for delicatessen use. Though they are not the only ones who use these fridges. Other people in the food industry also find them to be useful. For example, coffee shops refrigerators are often of this type because they tend to be used more than usual and need to be able to cool products without any delay. So by investing in a good quality commercial fridge, coffee shops can increase their product quality while also taking care of their customers better.


Counter Fridges 

Counter fridgeThe use of this type of fridges for displaying products is popular among coffee shops, cafés, supermarkets and retail stores. A fridge can be a very convenient way to display products. It can provide interest for customers and keep the products cold. The only downfall is that the customer may not interact with it as much as they would if they were standing in front of shelves or a counter.

People who are looking for a quick-to-eat snack can take it right away without any hassle. The products can be kept at desirable temperatures and easily seen due to these fridges’ small countertop design.

This type of display will increase impulse buying, as people will be able to see the product that they want before they buy it. Counter fridges allow people to see the product that they want before they buy it. The display features a horizontal screen that is visible from all angles. This will allow more time for customers to decide what they want before pushing their cart up to the cash register.


Maximize your coffee shop’s sales with the best fridges

Store owners are currently looking for ways to maximise their sales, increase customer satisfaction and cut down on staff costs. Commercial fridges are great investments for any coffee shop as they keep the products fresh and can generate more revenue.

If you are an entrepreneur who owns a coffee shop or if you are thinking about starting one, then you should know that display fridges are your best friends. This is because they can help you maximize your sales.

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