Premium Upright Stainless Steel Gastronorm Chillers

A range of catering capacity chillers, ECO-Fridge Gastronorm cabinets are made to the highest standards, perfect for your any kitchen.

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Ideal for use in a hotel, restaurant, school or hospital canteen or any location which requires the unit to work under the high temperatures of a busy kitchen whilst providing ample storage capacity, Gastronorm upright chillers are designed to operate to 43ºC ambient, making them suitable for chilling meat.

Reliable and efficient, Frost-Tech upright chiller cabinets are ideal for use in any commercial kitchen where you’re handling fresh food on a regular basis. Depending on the size of your kitchen and the level of fresh food you need to store, choose a slim line single chiller, or a larger chiller with double doors. Each design is eco-friendly, featuring lockable doors, 75mm insulation and a removable unit for ease of servicing. The evaporator fan shuts off automatically when you open the door and the temperature alarm is triggered should the internal level fall below an acceptable, safe level.

All models in the range comply with food hygiene legislation and are designed to minimise food wastage. An ECO-Fridge premier upright Gastronorm chiller cabinet is a vital addition to any modern professional kitchen where correct chilling and safe food storage is paramount.