Premium Upright Display Freezers with Glass Doors

ECO-Fridge are at the forefront of high performance, energy efficient, versatile upright display freezers, made from premium European components. From convenience stores to supermarkets, the Frost-Tech brand offers the ideal solution for all retail outlets.

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An ECO-Fridge tall display freezer is ideal for storing and displaying any frozen food, from ice cream to ready meals. The large window display is designed for maximum visibility, ideal for attracting customers to make a purchase.

The ECO-Fridge range of upright commercial freezers includes modern single door units as well as larger double door display freezers, all of which offer the flexibility of an assortment of features such as interior lighting to show off your merchandise to its utmost.

A slim line single door upright freezer is ideal for smaller outlets such as convenience stores and petrol station forecourts, where you may only wish to stock and display a compact range of frozen produce. For larger outlets such as supermarkets and larger convenience stores, a large, double fronted upright freezer is the ideal choice.

Features such as energy saving doors and lighting, auto defrost functionality, an aluminium interior for longevity and a stainless steel drip tray to prevent rust ensure all Eco-Fridge upright freezers are durable and reliable, making them the ideal choice for your retail space.