Premium Heated Display Cabinets

Essential for keeping food hot whilst on display in your bakery, café, restaurant or cafeteria, an ECO-Fridge heated display cabinet is the ideal choice for pies, pastries, paninis, filled sandwiches and soup.

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Designed with premium European components, all ECO-Fridge heated food cabinets are durable and reliable, ensuring you can purchase with confidence. The open fronted display ensures your merchandise is visible to customers, encouraging them to buy. A heated display cabinet from ECO-Fridge retains optimum heat, alongside a visually appealing display, designed to attract customers and encourage them to purchase.

Choose an over-counter display or a glass fronted cabinet with lighting, depending on the size of your retail space. Retail outlets such as supermarkets and large convenience stores would benefit from a large heated display cabinet, with ample space for a larger volume of hot food. A small heated display cabinet would be the ideal choice for retail outlets such as cafes and coffee shops, where the display space required for hot food may be smaller. Large heated cabinets are the ideal choice for high footfall outlets such as school and hospital restaurants and cafeterias as their larger capacity ensures a high volume of food can be kept hot at any one time.