Sliding Glass Lid Chest Freezers

Sliding Glass Lid Chest Freezers are the perfect food, patisserie and ice cream freezer solution. With its high performance and energy efficient, our chest display freezers are made from the best premium European components.

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Whether you’re offering frozen ready meals or vegetables, ice cream or lollies, a professional lid chest Freezer ensures your products are perfectly displayed and kept at the ideal temperature for long time storage.

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With commercial Lid chest freezers we offer the perfect addition to any catering business. Chest freezers stock large quantities of food for a long time. These ice cream freezers are specifically designed to stand the test of time, even in the busiest of restaurants and bars. Take a look at our range of stainless steel lid chest freezers. Ideal as an additional food preparation surface they stand at the peak of service times.

Every type of sliding glass lid chest freezer is available. Hinged lid freezer, glass lid display, flat or curved glass models. We offer a wide range suitable for every commercial refrigeration situation and for all budgets.

Ice cream freezer units offer quick and easy access to frozen products. ECO-Fridge UK can provide units ideal for big retailers, convenience stores, corner shops and frozen food centres.  We stock units in all shapes and sizes, ranging from flat to curved with (high visibility) all at the lowest prices.

A chest freezer store perishable products for months or even years with little loss in nutrition or flavor or change in appearance. But a Sliding glass Chest display freezer tempt customers with your frozen vegetables, food, ice cream or patisserie products. So, it is ideal to use as a Ice cream freezer as well.

Ice cream Freezer


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ECO-Fridge UK offers a wide selection of glass lid chest freezers, ideal solution for food outlets or shops wanting for the ultimate storage capacity with the enticing appeal. In conclusion, if you require a great display freezer or chest display freezer, then you need to look in our online catalog.

For extra need of ultra-low temperature, we have a great solution: the commercial extra low temperature chest freezer category.

Sliding glass lid chest freezers combine the important features of securing frozen stock in perfect conditions and creating additional food presentation areas. Their efficiency ensures that low temperatures are consistent and easily maintained. The strong manufacture guarantees that all lid chest freezer units featured within our range resist the tough conditions of a big retail environment. Above all, for the big kitchens, we have an amazing range of premium Stainless steel Under Counter Freezer cabinets.


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