Storage Fridge

Storage Fridge cabinets are simply perfect for storing and cooling meat at optimum chilled conditions and all within an elegant frame.

So, these catering chillers maintain the highest standards, perfect for your kitchen. And to ensure the lowest prices, we have the meat fridge category and the under counter fridge range. So, storage your chilled food in a brand new ECO-Fridge Commercial Fridge.

Moreover, available in an array of sizes, from narrow storage fridge units to double fronted door fridge cabinets, you can choose the ideal model for your retail space. Also, we have the white steel upright chiller models from the single door fridge, that is the cheaper one, to the Heavy duty Double door chiller.  So, buy today.


Storage Fridge

Contingent upon the sort of nourishment, you’ll have to store it in the commercial fridge, cooler or in compartments you keep in organizers or on racks. While putting food away, we need to chill them ensuring food is still safe to eat or cook.

Some goods ought to stay in the storage fridge to help prevent micro-organisms from developing on it. For example, nourishment with the ‘utilization by’ date, cooked meals and prepared to-eat food, for example, treats and cooked meats.

For the beginning, let’s answer on a couple of basic questions.


What is a commercial refrigerator?

A commercial refrigerator is a chilling machine that keeps things cold. It is also called a commercial fridge. It regularly keeps the inside temperature at 4-5 degree Celsius. You can put meals and beverages in it, to store them cold for a more extended time.

A refrigerator has a warmth siphon. It removes the interior warm air that goes outside. The heat siphon is commonly powered by an electric engine.

Some refrigerators don’t utilize power. These are loaded up with ice to give the low temperature. The ice can maintain goods cold by transferring their energy until the ice dissolves. These chillers are commonly used on picnic trips. At times they are called coolers. These refrigerators were utilized before power accessibility.


What is a commercial fridge?

A commercial fridge is a storage chiller or display fridge utilized in business environments. For instance, eateries, inns, bars, food providers and retailers.

The commercial refrigeration unit is intended to give more space to holding bigger measures of nourishment. This is the primal reason when choosing the commercial fridges in the nourishment business.


How many years do commercial refrigerators last?

Answer: about 10 years

With correct regular maintenance, commercial fridges may have a living expectation of as long as 10 years. At the point when these commercial refrigeration units are not taken care of, they may have untimely mechanical issues. And they will require expensive repairs.


What is the distinction between a commercial fridge and a private refrigerator?

Commercial fridges are intended for significantly more continuous use. A residential fridge may just be opened twelve times each day, though a commercial fridge could be continually being opened through the span of a couple of hours.


Would you be able to utilize a commercial fridge at home?

One well-known expansion to numerous homes is a commercial fridge. Contingent upon the size and design of your home, you might need to consider either an ordinary commercial refrigerator alongside an isolated commercial cooler or a double temp unit that consolidates them like a typical private model.


How much per year does it cost to run a commercial fridge?

The costs are informative. Your costs may be different.


Capacity Energy consumption Approx cost
300-400 litres 490 kwh £105
401-500 litres 500 kwh £108
501-600 litres 735 kwh £200
601-700 litres 1350 kwh £400


storage fridge


Our Storage Chiller offer:

Meat Fridge

Meat Fridge or Gastronorm chiller cupboards work under the high temperatures of a bustling kitchen while giving abundant storage limit. All in all, they become ideal for eateries, schools or medical clinic bottles.

Gastronorm fridge units have the element to work to 43ºC encompassing, making them reasonable for chilling meat. Dependable and effective, upright storage fridge cupboards suit impeccable in any commercial kitchen. What’s more, this since you should deal with new nourishment all the time.


meat fridge


Contingent upon the size of your kitchen and the degree of new nourishment you have to store, pick a thin line single fridge, or a bigger storage chiller with swinging doors. Each eco-accommodating structure, highlights lockable doors, 75mm protection and a removable unit for simplicity of adjusting.

The evaporator fan stops consequently when you open the door and the temperature caution begins, should the inner level fall underneath a worthy, safe level. All Storage Fridge units in the range follow nourishment cleanliness enactment and they limit nourishment wastage.

A Premium Meat Fridge impeccably fit in any advanced kitchen where right chilling and food safety storage represents an absolute necessity.


Upright Storage Fridge

Upright Chiller goes speak to the ideal determination for putting away meat and other nourishment at ideal chilled conditions. And all inside a Stainless steel commercial fridge exquisite edge. Most importantly, ECO-Fridge Upright Fridge units have the best expectations parts, ideal for your kitchen at the least costs, only for you.

We offer a stunning scope of Storage Fridges. In this way, the spic and span ECO-Fridge meat fridge units become ideal for any kitchen. In this manner, we offer Premium upstanding chiller classification, to guarantee you the best quality.

The Upright Storage Fridge run incorporates single door fridges and twofold door chillers. They additionally come in the Standard variant or Premium rendition with various highlights.


upright chiller


– Stainless Steel exterior

– Stainless Steel interior (available at Premium)

– Door locks (available at Premium)

– Monoblock unit removable (available at Premium)

– Integrated door handle (available at Premium)

– Top monoblock system enabling the use of the whole refrigerated area (available at Premium)

– Able to adjust the humidity inside the cabinet from a minimum to a maximum (available at Premium)

– Digital temperature display

– Magnetic door gasket

– Full height door handle

– Forced air refrigeration system

– Defrost water evaporation system with superheated gas

– Controller equipped with evaporator probe, cabinet probe and condenser probe

– Evaporator fan shuts off automatically when opening the door

– Removable door gasket

– Fitted castors

– Insulation 75mm thick in water-based polyurethane foam

– Door in 18/10 stainless steel

– Ladder rack in 18/10 stainless steel

– Gastronorm friendly

– Auto defrost cycle

– Thermostatic heater

– Compressor protection with overheat cut out and automatic reset

– Temperature controller with alarm signalling


Temperatures scopes between -5 C and +5 C.


Under Counter Fridge

Undercounter Fridge offers all your requirement for ideal chilled storage conditions in any expert condition. Therefore, we stock incredible storage fridge cupboards in our list.

Along these lines, you may visit the Under Counter single cabinet chillers or the multiple counters chiller cupboards. Additionally, these half-size cupboards become perfect for kitchens where you have a restricted space.

Contingent upon the size of your kitchen and your chilling needs, you can pick a two, three or four-door chiller. Each model in the range includes stainless steel inside for life span. Every castor can be bolted and opened to take into consideration simple development around the kitchen.

under Counter fridge


– Stainless Steel interior/exterior (available at Premium)

– Aluminium interior for long life

– 4 Adjustable feet for levelling

– Auto/Manual defrost

– Auto defrost (available at Premium)

– Suitable for use in high ambient (available at Premium)

– Door locks (available at Premium)

– Insulation 75mm thick in water-based polyurethane foam (available at Premium)

– Door in AISI 18/10 stainless steel (available at Premium)

– Ladder rack in AISI 304 graded 18/10 stainless steel (available at Premium)

– Monoblock unit removable (available at Premium)

– Forced air refrigeration system (available at Premium)

– Defrost water evaporation system with superheated gas (available at Premium)

– Adjust the humidity inside the cabinet (available at Premium)

– Protected compressor including automatic reset & overheat cut out (available at Premium)

– Fitted castors (available at Premium)

– Gastronorm (meat) friendly (available at Premium)

– Magnetic door gasket on sides (available at Premium)

– Integrated door handle (available at Premium)

– Top monoblock system (available at Premium)

– Cooler and freezer R404a refrigerant (available at Premium)

– Defrost water evaporation through the thermostatic resistor (available at Premium)

– Controller equipped with cabinet probe, condenser probe, and evaporator probe (available at Premium)

– Evaporator fan shuts off automatically when the door is open (available at Premium)

– Temperature controller with alarm signalling (available at Premium)

– 2 Adjustable shelves

– High-performance long-life fan motor

– Replaceable door gasket

– Digital temperature control display

– CFC-Free insulation

– Low energy compressors

– Stainless Steel drip tray


Temperature: +2 C to +7 C.

storage fridge


Ensure your storage fridge is sufficiently cold

You have to ensure your commercial refrigerator is sufficiently cold or food contamination microbes will even now have the option to develop. Your commercial fridge ought to be somewhere in the range of 0ºC and 5ºC.

In case you don’t know how the temperature setting or dial takes a shot at your refrigerator, you could utilize a fridge thermometer to check it’s the correct temperature.

What do you need to know when storing nourishment in the commercial refrigerator?

– keep the chiller door shut however much as could be expected

– ensure that goods will chill off before you put them in the fridge

– turn the temperature down to help keep it sufficiently cold when the chiller is full

– Keep the nourishment in the storage fridge


Help prevent microorganisms from developing:

– when the label says ‘keep refrigerated’, ensure you do keep the nourishment in the fridge. If the meal isn’t marked with any storage guidelines and it’s a sort of nourishment that goes off rapidly, you should place it in the chiller and eat it inside two days.

– a few containers and jugs should be kept in the refrigerator once they’ve been opened.

– when you’re getting ready-food, keep it out of the storage fridge for the briefest time conceivable. Particularly when the climate or the room is warm.

– in the event that you have made some nourishment, (a sandwich) and you’re not going to eat it straight, keep it in the fridge until you’ll eat it.

– in case you’re hosting a get-together or making a smorgasbord, leave the nourishment in the storage refrigerator until people are prepared to eat. Moreover, you shouldn’t keep nourishment separate from the storage chiller for over 3 hours.

– cool extras as fast as could be expected under the circumstances (in a perfect world inside one to two hours) and afterwards store them in the refrigerator. Eat any extras inside two days, aside from cooked rice, which you ought to eat inside one day to help evade food contamination.


Putting away meat

It’s imperative to store meat securely to prevent microbes from spreading and to evade food contamination. So you should:

– store crude meat and poultry in perfect, fixed compartments on the base rack of the storage fridge, so they can’t contact or trickle onto other nourishment.

– adhere to any storage guidelines on the name and don’t eat meat after its expiration date.

– when you have cooked meat and you’re not going to consume it straight, cool it as fast as could reasonably be expected and afterwards put it in the chiller.

– store crude meat from the cooked meat.


Putting away dry nourishment in compartments

Numerous kinds of goods shouldn’t be kept in the chiller to guard them to eat. For instance, dry nourishments (rice, pasta and flour), beverages, tinned nourishments, and unopened containers. Yet, it’s imperative to take care of how you store them.

To store dry nourishment securely:

– keep meals in fixed packs or compartments. This helps keep nourishment fresh and quits anything falling into the goods unintentionally.

– don’t store meals or beverages close to cleaning items or different synthetic substances.

– don’t utilize old food compartments to store family unit synthetic concoctions. And don’t store nourishment in holders that have been utilized for different purposes.

– just reuse whole plastic water bottles that you can clean.

– don’t store nourishment on the floor, since this can support mice, ants and different vermin.

– keep the storage region dry and not very warm.


Tin jars

At the point when you open a jar of food and you’re not going to utilize all the nourishment straight away, void the goods into a bowl, or another compartment, and put it in the commercial fridge.

Try not to store meals in an opened tin can, or re-utilize void jars to prepare or store nourishment. This is because when a can has been opened and the product is available to the air, the tin from the can might move all the more rapidly to the can’s substance.

This exhortation doesn’t have any significant bearing to meal sold in jars that have resealable tops, (brilliant syrup and cocoa). And this because these kinds of products don’t respond with the can.


Covering products with aluminium film

Aluminium stick film is valuable for ensuring nourishment in any case, in the same way as other things, it should be utilized effectively.

Only one out of every odd kind of stick film is reasonable for utilizing with all goods. Aluminium may affect the taste of highly acid foods like:

– soft fruit

– cabbage

– rhubarb

– tomatoes


commercial refrigeration


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