Upright Storage Freezer cabinets


Upright Storage freezer cabinets represent the ideal solution for commercial kitchens. Moreover, they ensure you keep chilled meat in an ideal, safe temperature, essential to any commercial canteen environment. In addition, the aluminium interior and stainless steel drip assure the freezer remains free from rust for a long time. Also, the adjustable shelves allow you to customise the layout of the storage freezer to suit your daily storage requirements. And the 4 adjustable feet ensure your meat freezer stays in the perfect position at all times. Consequently, these durable commercial refrigeration freezers become ideal for restaurants, hotels and canteens. And there, the food safety represents maximum importance. The control system have a cabinet probe, an evaporator probe and a condenser probe. And this assure you can monitor the temperature quickly and easily. So, if the temperature drop, the door alarm start to alert you.