Heated display cabinets

Heated Display counters perfect suit for keeping food hot whilst on display in your bakery, cafe, restaurant or cafeteria. In addition, our heated cabinet represent the ideal choice for pies, pastries, paninis, filled sandwiches and soup.

We invite you to visit more display fridge cabinets like the Double glazed countertop fridge. Check all the ECO-Fridge heated food cabinets. These are durable and reliable, ensuring you can purchase with confidence. Above all, the open fronted display ensures your merchandise is visible to customers, encouraging them to buy. So, the heated display cabinet retains optimum heat, alongside a visually appealing display, being designed to attract customers and encourage them to purchase.


Heated Display

These heated display units are ideal for marketing a wide assortment of hot nourishment items, for example, frankfurter moves, pies and pasties.

With a glass front, interior lights and backsliding entryways, these units are intended to guarantee safe stockpiling and augment hot nourishment buys. The units incorporate a dampness work that lessens dampness misfortune and can store nourishment up to temperatures of 90°C.

The food business runs on the nature of nourishment and administration. Significantly, you utilize the correct Display Heater to ensure that you can offer new and nutritious goods to the clients.

To pull in the customers you likewise need to display it to tell them the assortment that you are advertising. Putting away and displaying prepared meals is additionally testing when contrasted with the prepared nourishment as it is progressively defenceless against microscopic organisms that ruin the nourishment.

Serve Over

The heated serving counters have advanced and improved a great deal today you can discover an assortment of Serve Over Fridge and Counter Fridge units that permit you to securely display and store prepared nourishment.


Heated display

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Heated Display Counters ideal suit for keeping nourishment hot while on display in your pastry shop or cafeteria. What’s more, our heated counter speaks to the perfect decision for cakes, pies, paninis, filled sandwiches and soup.

These Display Heater Counters are strong and solid, guaranteeing you can buy with certainty. Most importantly, the open-fronted display guarantees your product is obvious to clients, urging them to purchase.

In this way, the heated display bureau holds ideal warmth, close by an outwardly engaging display, being intended to draw in clients and urge them to buy.

Counter Heater

The Counter Heater is perfect for cafés needing an in vogue heated display which can work onto your new or existing counter. This heater has a Stainless Steel exterior and all-around double glazed display.


Counter Heater


  • Mounted LED lights
  • 4 heavy-duty castors
  • Full double glazed for visibility
  • Digital temperature control display
  • Insulation CFC-Free
  • 304 Stainless Steel high-grade finish


Dimensions are: 1000mm Width x 720mm Depth x 1300mm Height.

Temperatures are situated in the +65 C and +90 C range.

It has a 178 kg weight, but because of its 4 castors included, you’ll be able to move it every time you need.


Hot Pastry Display

Hot Pastry Display is perfect for warming any sort of baked goods, with the twofold coated glass and keen dark trim. This will give a pleasant appealing feel to any store.

With the ideal blend of great development and solidness, highlighting a top-mounted light and two customizable racks with the full bent twofold coated front for most extreme visibility. Sliding back stacking entryways gives simple access for staff to restock and serve, just as a pivoted front glass for cleaning.


Hot Display


  • Full-length top-mounted light
  • 2 adjustable shelves plus base
  • Double glazed glass
  • Low front to maximise display space
  • 4 Adjustable feet
  • 304 Stainless Steel high-grade finish


The Serve Over Heater dimensions are 1000mm Width x 750mm Depth x 1350mm Height.

Temperature range between +65 C and +90 C.


Hot Multideck Display

Hot Multideck Display perfectly fits for warming hot moves, pies, pastries, sandwiches and filled moves. The heated multideck has Treated Steel exterior, full glass side and savvy, and a great look. So they will give a decent appealing feel to any store.

This Hot Multideck Display is the ideal mix of top-notch development and sturdiness, highlighting 2 top mounted lights and 4 fixed hot plate racks with top segments.


hot multideck


  • 4 tier hot shelves
  • Top-mounted light
  • Digital temperature control display
  • Full-length sidelights
  • Low front to maximise display space
  • 304 Stainless Steel high-grade finish
  • Double glazed panels
  • 13-amp plug supply
  • 4 Adjustable feet


The Multideck Heater dimensions are 600mm Width x 600mm Depth x 1950mm Height.

Temperatures are between +65 C and +75 C.

It has 4 shelves, plus the base.


display heater

Premium Heated Displays

Heated Display cabinets are fundamental for keeping nourishment hot while on display in your bread shop, bistro, eatery or cafeteria. Also, our heated bureau is the perfect decision for pies, baked goods, paninis, filled sandwiches and soup. We welcome you to visit more display fridge units and buy.

Counter heater displays are solid and dependable, guaranteeing you can buy with certainty. Most importantly, the open-fronted display makes you sure the products are obvious to clients. In this way, the heated display holds ideal warmth, close by an outwardly engaging display.

Big retail outlets would profit by a huge heated display, with plentiful space for a bigger volume of hot nourishment. A little heated display would be the perfect decision for bistros and cafes, where the display space required for hot nourishment might be littler.

Huge counter heater units perfectly suit in high footfall outlets, cafés and cafeterias as their bigger limit guarantee a high volume of food can be kept heated at any one time.


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