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The Open Fridge for Shop offers a great way to present a wide range of products in perfectly chilled conditions. Buy a Multideck Fridge today.

There are many options to consider before investing in a display fridge. We offer a wide range of commercial fridge multidecks to suit all needs, like the Grab & Go fridge cabinets. Mainly found in superstores, shops and supermarkets Open Fridges for Shop maximise the presentation of cold goods.

These multideck fridge displays encourage impulse “grab and go” purchases. Multidecks suit to hold fresh meats, fruits and vegetables. And also, dairy products, and general-purpose goods. So, this versatile equipment can be tailored to meet all display demands.


Open Fridge for Shop

An appealing Open Fridge for Shop is an absolute necessity for any hypermarket or grocery store hoping to build deals.

Multidecks offer an extraordinary method to introduce a wide scope of items in flawlessly chilled conditions. There are various alternatives to consider before putting resources into a multideck chiller.

Open Fridge for Shop differ by their features being classified as:

1. Standard Multideck Fridge

2. Premium Multideck Chiller


multideck fridge


What is a Multideck Fridge?

The title “multideck” is somewhat a wide term that incorporates any multi-layered display refrigeration. Regularly display chiller cupboards are the most mainstream type of glass front fridges for most of the shops.

Highlighting different racks in the layered display fridge implies that your items are noticeable, attractive and put away in ideal conditions.

Making an alluring display that interests clients, every accessible item is appealingly introduced to energize a lighthearted shopping experience and increment of deals.

Mostly found in superstores and markets that need to expand the introduction of cold merchandise, these open front fridge displays are perfect for empowering the “get and go” buys. Setups are accessible to hold new meats, leafy foods, dairy items, and universally useful products implying that this flexible hardware can be customized to fulfil all display needs.

Our Open Fridge for Shop is Integral or Plug-in. That implies all parts are housed inside the gear with no outer components other than the electrical inventory. The gathering unit/engine is regularly situated underneath the base rack.


Points of interest in plug-in/necessary units:

– Plug-in or indispensable bits of hardware are more affordable to purchase keeping starting costs low.

– As running clamours are inside the premises there is little danger of grievances from neighbours.

– No arranging authorizations are required for indispensable displays, an assent that is some of the time fundamental for remote other options.

– In most cases, plug-in models are commonly dependable when overhauled and looked after enough.



The size of the commercial refrigeration equipment you pick is significant. All things considered, you need something that will fit into the space accessible without discouraging or overcrowding walkways. The littler multideck has not more than 600mm longer, and the greatest model from our offer has 2500mm length.

An immediate impression of the size is the multideck capacity. Clearly, the bigger the measurements the more territory will be accessible for loading items. The capacity limit will likewise be subject to the number and setup of racks that every unit holds.


Temperature and Contents:

The temperatures you need will be directed by the items you wish to display. For the most part, the temperature will fall anyplace between 0˚C to 10˚C, giving ideal conditions to most refrigerated creates. For example, dairy, soda pops, cooked meats, sandwiches, products of the soil.

In the event that you are hoping to highlight a lump of new meat layered display, you will require a lower temperature range to keep up sanitation, regularly in the area of 0°C – 2°C.

If you have to store solidified nourishment, at that point you have to check the Display Freezer classification. Freezers are accessible with a temperature run from – 18°C to – 22°C, appropriate for every solidified produce.


Highlights of the Multideck chiller:

1. Vitality saving features

Furnished with low vitality blowers and warmth decreasing temperature reflecting night incognizant in regards to expanding the proficiency of the fridge 24 hours per day.

2. Intended for ease of maintenance, durability and resilience

Requiring a 13amp force supply, high-execution long-life fan engines with tempered steel dribble plate joining with oneself vanishing seepage framework. The slide-out gathering framework and simple access to the evaporator for ordinary cleaning.

3. Ideal product display

Low front to amplify open chiller volume joining with a 4-level racking with acrylic rack edge risers and full glass end boards take into consideration an expanded amount and deal effect of your item.

4. Electronic control

The shrewd controller displays temperature while keeping up the fridge temperature control, modified with defrost cycles to guarantee the right activity of the hardware and keep up items at an ideal temperature.

5. Driven lighting

Full length LED lighting keeps going longer than fluorescent lighting, lessening vitality utilization, which creates negligible warmth. The entirety of this makes LED lighting incredible for the earth.

6. Manufacturer

We are a worldwide manufacturer of commercial fridges, all through the world with 30 years exchanging.



– Removable base plates can give simpler cleaning access, guaranteeing that cleanliness doesn’t need to be difficult work.

– Glass sideboards can expand potential introduction when your multideck fridge is secluded, be that as it may, are out of date if the unit is contiguous with other gear.

– Standard covered steel or Premium 304 Stainless Steel Open Fridge for Shop exterior.

– Lighting is an extraordinary method to enlighten substance and present the stock in the most alluring way. A portion of our multideck chillers has top-mounted standard LED light.

– Rack risers are ideal for preventing produce from tumbling off onto the shop floor.

– Multidecks can be enormous, substantial, lumbering bits of hardware. Castors are an extraordinary method to guarantee simple development and situating of hardware in the case of during starting circumstance or during routine cleaning, administration and upkeep. The castors are also picked choice with an extra charge so you have to tick this alternative.

– Night blinds are delicate window ornaments that can be drawn over the open front display during hours time spans. Although not a standard component they are an extraordinary method to build vitality effectiveness.


Grab and Go fridge


1. Standard Multideck Fridge

Our standard silver shaded steel Open Fridges for Shop are ideal for an assortment of shops, where nourishment or drink are on the menu. It gives a decent mix of top quality assembling and sturdiness at a lower cost. Anyway, with four customizable rock-solid retires, a top-mounted LED light, just as the top of the range segments, it’s still a perfect decision if expanding deals is your objective.





– Digital temperature control display

– Full-length top-mounted LED light

– Integral night daze, for evening time sparing

– Auto Electrical defrost

– 4 Adjustable feet

– Full Glass end boards

– Low vitality blowers

– Slide-out gathering framework

– Self-vanishing waste framework

– 2x 13-amp supply

– 4 levels movable racking in addition to the base

– Clear acrylic rack edge risers

– Silver hued steel finish

– Low front to augment display space

– High-execution long-life fan engine

– Stainless steel trickle plate

– CFC-Free protection



– Width: from 600 mm to 1800 mm

– Height: 1950 mm

– Depth: 600 mm


Temperature: – 1 to +7 C


Display Fridge


2. Premium Multideck Chiller

You will adore the Premium Open Fridge for Shop, with the huge open display. Consequently, they help to catch the eye of your clients and supports hasty purchases. Multideck fridges occupy less room than a glass front fridge, especially the drinks fridge.

This makes them perfect for little spaces, or stores where floor space is restricted, for example, those with slender passageways.


multideck chiller



– 4 Adjustable feet

– Full Glass end boards for visibility

– 304 Stainless Steel high-grade finish

– Stainless steel dribble plate

– Full-length top-mounted light

– Integral night daze, for evening time sparing

– Digital temperature control display

– 4 levels customizable racking

– Auto Electrical or Hot gas defrost

– Low vitality blowers

– High-execution long-life fan engine

– CFC-Free protection

– Slide-out consolidating framework

– Self-dissipating waste framework

– 2x 13-amp supplies (SD60/150, 180, 240)

– Clear acrylic rack edge risers

– Low front to expand display space



– Width: 600 mm to 2500 mm

– Depth: 600 mm to 750 mm

– Height: 1950 mm to 2000 mm


Temp: – 1 to +7 Celsius.


Cleaning and Maintenance:

Download User Manual

The positioning of Open Fridge for Shop:

An overview of the site is prescribed preceding situating.

The note ought to be taken of the accompanying:


1. Ease of access to the site including:

– Parking limitations

– Door width and stature

– Any obstructions, for example, a flight of stairs

– Any other hindrance


2. Site and shop floor surface, including:

– Stability of the ground outside the store

– Level of the floor inside the store

– Floor covering

– Is lifting hardware required?


3. Drawing plans

– The proposed position of the bureau

– Check measurements


commercial fridge



The conveyance, establishment and dispatching of our Multideck Display Fridges are FREE. The normal delivery is approx 8-10 working days from cleared instalment. Conveyances above York, Leeds, Blackpool and outside UK Mainland will cause an additional charge.


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At the point when stock should be spared in chilled conditions, an Open Fridge for Shop guarantees that it’s furthermore appealingly marketed to amplify deals.

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