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Commercial Drinks Fridge displays are very important for any bar or pub. The Bottle Drink Cooler guarantees your business will boost sales and profit. 

If the size is important to you, take a look at our display fridge units; the perfect solution for refrigerating dozens of items at ease. Here, at ECO Fridge, we have a wide selection of drinks fridge to suit all your needs, from our Standard Upright display fridge units to the Premium back bar display fridge category. Our products are perfect for pubs, clubs, shops, cafes, canteens, takeaways and more. We stock single and double bottle chiller displays in a range of shapes and sizes.


Choose a Drink Fridge

Drinks Fridge represent another pattern in kitchen stylistic theme and plan.

Blending usefulness and style, they give mortgage holders a lot of special advantages.

Utilize your drinks and food as a presentation

With a glass door fridge, you’re putting your nourishment on display. It is the kitchen machine equal to having an extravagant organic product bowl on your counters.

Your meals are constantly noticeable to you and your guests. So you can play it up by masterminding it in intriguing manners. It positively includes an extraordinary structure highlight to your kitchen.

Spare time and energy

At the point when you can’t choose what to eat, it is normal practice to open the display fridge entryway and gaze at the substance of the machine. Notwithstanding squandering power by making your cooler work harder, it is additionally a period squanderer.

Since the substance of your drinks fridge is consistently on display, you’ll generally have a thought of what’s accessible to eat – along these lines, you can settle on speedier choices and get to eating quicker!

Open up the room

Drinks fridges have a similar impact as the drink fridge, as they help to make the dream additional room in the commercial kitchen. They can assist with causing the space to appear to be greater and increasingly open, making for an awesome kitchen configuration highlight.

The commercial fridge likewise adds all the more light to the room, as the glass display considers the inside light to reliably enlighten the kitchen.


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Drinks Fridges

On the off chance that you’re a stickler for style, at that point, the drinks fridge is an extraordinary thought for your commercial kitchen. They make for a decent plan venture that you can continually change to suit your stylistic theme.

In any case, we wouldn’t prescribe it to mortgage holders that need an especially low-upkeep machine. It is surely trickier to keep glass cleaner than solid Stainless Steel. And you will have to make sure that the substance of the chiller is similarly engaging.


drinks fridge

Mini Drinks Fridges

The Half-Height Drinks Cooler is an extraordinary smaller than usual commercial refrigerator with incorporated top mounted light. Most extreme working temperature up to 32ºC/60ºC. In this way, this display fridge will give a pleasant alluring feel to any store.

Bar fridge speaks to an extraordinary method to display chilled drinks in your bar. Intended to fit almost behind the bar, drinks refrigerators permit you to handily get to the bottles.

What’s more, that, in any event, when different associates are working around you. Bar chiller arrives in an assortment of shapes and sizes to splendidly suit your business. From half size single door wine coolers and a beer fridges to enormous bottle fridge units to fulfil all your pub needs.


mini fridge


  • Black steel exterior
  • 2 adjustable heavy-duty shelves
  • 4 adjustable feet for levelling
  • CFC-free installation
  • Low energy compressors
  • Suitable for use in high ambient
  • Full-length top-mounted light
  • Double glazed single or double door
  • Digital temperature control display
  • High-performance long-life fan motor
  • Replaceable door gasket, ease of maintenance
  • Stainless Steel drip tray, no rust
  • Width: 600 mm or 900 mm (depends on the number of doors)
  • Height: 900 mm
  • Depth: 500 mm
  • Temperature between +2 C and +7 Celsius.


Upright Bottle Fridge

Upright Drinks Chiller is an extraordinary worth glass drinks fridge and has a simple clean inside, with LED lighting and a computerized controller.

The Upright display chiller is giving the ideal condition to display your chilled things. This fridge is perfect for outlets where full tallness stockpiling is a need.

Your shoppers will approach various sizes, as far as width, stature and profundity. Your decision can likewise be made relying upon litre stockpiling to suit every one of your requests. A selection of completions can likewise be found guaranteeing that any style of business is supplemented and improved.

The upright fridge is essentially ideal for putting away and cooling drinks and other produce. And is appealingly introducing what your shop has accessible while keeping up ideal chilled conditions and all inside a rich casing.


Upright Display Fridge


  • White or Black steel exterior
  • Aluminium interior
  • Vertical energy-saving LED strip lights
  • Self-close triple glazed energy saving door
  • 2 Front feet for levelling
  • Auto electrical defrost
  • High-performance long-life fan motor
  • Replaceable door gasket, for maintenance
  • Stainless Steel drip tray, no rust
  • 4 or 5 Adjustable shelves
  • 4 Castors for ease of cleaning
  • Digital temperature control display
  • CFC-Free insulation
  • Low energy compressors
  • Suitable for use in high ambient
  • Auto or Manual Defrost
  • Light display Canopy
  • Width: between 600 mm and 1200 mm (single or double beverages fridge)
  • Height: 1960 mm or 2006 mm
  • Depth: 660 mm or 800 mm
  • Temp: +2 to +7 C


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3 Differences between a Display Fridge and a Storage Fridge

It’s a given that a commercial fridge is one of the most significant bits of eatery hardware you can purchase for your business.

While choosing a commercial cooler for your café, you have an assortment of makes, models, and sizes to browse. However, you additionally have a decision as to whether you need a solid storage fridge versus a drinks display fridge model.

The two kinds of commercial refrigeration have their bit of leeway, yet the one that works best for you relies upon how a few components.


Display Fridge

Protection and Cooling

Storage chiller and display fridge cabinets should be considered regarding protection. Storage fridge models like the meat fridge or the under counter fridge will include more protection than glass door fridges. A meat chiller can keep your crude nourishments fresh.

It’s a general guideline in a restaurant you should store crude food sources in storage fridges. These cabinets are likewise more vitality productive than display chillers. Notwithstanding, the substance inside isn’t effectively noticeable which implies your representatives may remain before the fridge searching for something for quite a while.

Upright display fridges like the drinks fridge or mini-fridge are all the more regularly utilized for promoting or display. However, they can be utilized for capacity also – you have to consider the variables underneath when making your buy.


commercial display fridge

Cleaning Needs

One significant factor to consider is the cleaning needs of these two sorts of commercial fridges. Drinks chillers, since they highlight a display in the front, can get smears and should be cleaned all the more routinely.

Storage chillers don’t have glass, and with their strong entryway structure, the tough hardened steel plan on their outside. So they will require outside cleaning, yet won’t show the mess as obviously as a glass upright fridge.

In the event that the cooler is noticeable to clients, you might need to consider the tidiness factor while thinking about what kind of entryway you need your fridge to have.

under counter fridge

Display Benefits

Something else to consider when you purchase a commercial fridge is the presentation. Glass front fridges make it simple to see the things inside. Also, it can assist you with watching out for your stock without fundamentally opening the cooler and checking what’s inside.

In any case, if you don’t need your clients to see the products of your commercial refrigerator, particularly if it’s out in the open, you might need to conceal whatever could look unattractive away from their eyes. Quick easygoing eateries and noticeable kitchens may utilize a drinks chiller close to the register to let clients effectively observe what bottled drinks they have, or effectively display pre-arranged nourishments. You need to decide the visibility you need or you don’t need for your new chiller.

As you hope to purchase a commercial fridge for your business, you ought to consider how it’s utilized in one day. Is it opened as often as possible? Will it be taking into account clients? What amount of time would you like to spend cleaning the fridge? Responding to these inquiries, guided by the data above, will assist you with settling on the correct decision.


commercial fridge

Last considerations

Every commercial refrigerator or commercial freezer was completely tested to the most elevated prerequisites so you should buy with certainty. Furthermore, this since we comprehend that your commercial refrigeration bureau must work quite a long time, consistently.

As a feature of our submitted supplier, we will convey, gather and set up your unit, equipped to be loaded alongside your items. Such is our acknowledgement for acceptable and unwavering quality, we’re pleased to be the providers of expert refrigeration units to primary names which incorporate Costa Coffee, Gail’s Bakery, Cafe Nero, Wenzels, and Coffee1.

We offer the most reasonable and proficient sorts of drinks fridges, guaranteeing that your goods are held at the best newness and prepared to serve.


Glass door fridge


The delivery and installation are FREE and the typical conveyance time frame is assessed 8 or more working days from cleared payment. Transports above York, Leeds, Blackpool and outside UK Mainland will achieve an extra charge.


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Along these lines, contact us for a fitting recommendation of display fridge cupboards to suit your money related spending plan and your needs.