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Display Fridge have a robust construction with a catching display to present food and drinks at the best prices in the UK.

Coming in an extensive range of sizes, features and styles you just have to choose your ideal multideck. A choice of finishes from black steel to 304 stainless steel will also ensure that any style of environment is complemented and enhanced. We supply commercial fridges for more than 30 years. So, we can give you professional recommendations. Moreover, we will provide you the most robust, reliable commercial refrigeration equipment. And that will help your company increase the sales and function to the best of its ability. More details about commercial display fridge category in the description.


Display Fridge

ECO-Fridge UK Ltd has emerged as one in every of the great producer and company in the UK. We stock a remarkable range of commercial display fridge cabinets like glass front fridge and open chiller multideck categories. We provide an extensive variety of multideck refrigerators. And these display fridges perfect suit in any surroundings from street coffee stores, cafes and delicatessens, to big commercial canteens.

As a worldwide commercial refrigeration manufacturer, we always placed our clients first by providing the best commercial refrigerator cabinets. Therefore, we have among our clients some of the world’s most noticeable brands.


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Our commercial fridge equipment

In our commercial fridge offer, we’ve got a comprehensive wide variety of notable products from display fridges to storage fridges. Whatever your commercial desires, ECO-Fridge offers the commercial refrigeration solution.

Our range includes the: patisserie fridge, upright display chiller like the drinks fridge, counter fridge and serve over counter, chest freezer, multideck, Grab and Go display fridge, heated counter, meat fridge, meat freezer, under counter fridge, and under counter freezer.


Display Fridge



What to consider when purchasing a Display Fridge?

Anyone working in the food business would agree with us that the fundamental job of commercial refrigeration in the business is to keep merchandise liberated from any expected damage, while they are taken care of. As much as multi-deck fridges give an elegant interest, this isn’t the primary job identified with them.

The fundamental job of such fridges is to keep the food cold and to ensure that your stock remains free from any contaminations. Multideck chiller is proficient with respect to this viewpoint. Countless them come outfitted with the latest cooling systems for holding the temperature under wraps. This ensures the clients get the quality they need.

Thusly, not only is a multi-deck fridge giving your business the a la mode interest it needs, yet it is furthermore taking care of food things in a supportive manner without putting them under risk of damage. What more may one have the option to require from a commercial cooler? You can’t understate the importance of the refrigerated multi-decks with respect to refrigeration and keeping the stock new.



There are certain things you should manage, in case you are presenting a multi-deck refrigerator. One of the essential things that you should consider is the estimation and space gave inside the display fridge. These cabinets arrive in a wide scope of sizes and shapes, which is the explanation you should be reasonable in your decision and select the one that best matches your tendency. The higher the racks in the multideck, the more broad space would be for taking care of your things.

The best thing about the hold space is that it will, in general, be altered by your own needs. You don’t have to buy a commercial fridge and endeavour to oblige your commitments inside it. Or maybe, you can get a multideck that sits faultlessly with what you offer.



Multideck Fridges aren’t totally different from standard chillers. These display fridges go about as a la mode stockpiling fridges, as they have racks to store the sum of your things. Other than this, they have limits that resemble conventional, standard refrigerators. The racking is a huge part inside the chiller since that coordinates how productively the things are taken care of inside the commercial refrigerator. Clients can find anything they desire successfully in light of the smart plan, and they think about better stockpiling, without disguising anything.


Open And Glass Front

The display fridge that we have open nowadays can be purchased in various different structures and shapes. A part of the Multideck Display Fridges in the market is available with an open front. Others are available at a commercial level with twofold covered chiller doors. It is completely reliant upon the clients to get a multi-deck chiller that best fits the portrayal they have at the head of the need list.

The ones that go with a twofold covered chiller door are best for imperativeness adequacy. While the ones with the open front are generally the more stunningly fulfilling anyway go through greater imperativeness. It is perfect to have a night spread, to cover them during the night to diminish essentialness wastage. A twofold covered glass door is possibly your most perfect decision, giving agreement between imperativeness usage and looks.

Multideck doors are the need of the day, as they give upscale imagery, and draw clients over with their astounding extra room and display. With a complete method of reasoning of a display fridge to get clients pulled in and give safe stockpiling, multideck refrigerators genuinely fit the course of action.


Boost the sales with a Display Fridge

Display Fridge sifts through solid progress with a getting display to present food and beverages. Our commercial display fridge keeps an eye on the perfect response for shops, general stores or bistros. Showing up in a wide level of sizes, features and styles you simply need to pick your ideal multideck. A selection of accomplishments from steel to stainless steel will in like manner ensure that any style is improved and redesigned. We deftly commercial fridges and coolers for more than 30 years. In this manner, we can give you capable proposals.

Furthermore, we will give you the most stable, strong display fridge cabinets. Besides, that will connect with your relationship to widen the courses of action and limit likewise as could be common. ECO-Fridge display chillers get strong movement alongside a captivating prelude to show food and beverages. Our commercial display fridge gear is sensible for business fragments or bistros. Showing up in a wide approach of sizes and shapes you’ll require just to pick your best commercial chiller office. Clearly, purchasers should pick the model, size, and highlights.


display fridge offer


Display Fridge Offer

All display fridge units are inside and out-attempted to the most raised requirements so you should purchase with conviction. ECO-Fridge commercial fridge cabinets merge strong improvement with an appealing prologue to show food and rewards. The open fridge is proper for business sectors, stores or bistros.

Showing up in a wide arrangement of sizes and shapes – from twofold glass door fridge models to more diminutive single door models or even half-size countertop fridge units – you’ll require just to pick your best glass front fridge cabinet. Clearly, purchasers should pick the sizes, with respect to width, height and significance.

Our display fridge and capacity chiller units are completely made utilizing fine, ECO and environmentally European parts. Moreover, our refrigerant improvement program enables us to give the commercial community’ cleanest’ commercial refrigeration. This likewise allows us to ensure that your commercial chiller contributes extra vitality chilling than looking after it. ECO-Fridge have a wide combination of commercial refrigeration cabinets to suit a whole host of chilled products provider applications. We have various classes to pick from.


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Choose a multideck display fridge

ECO-Fridge display fridge cabinets combine strong construction with an attractive presentation to exhibit food and beverages. Our open fridges are suitable for supermarkets, stores or cafes.

Coming in a wide variety of sizes and shapes – from big, double door models to a smaller single door, models or even half-size counter top units, with hinged or sliding doorways and over or below installed refrigeration systems – you’ll need just to choose your best glass front fridge cabinet. Of course, purchasers will have to choose the sizes, in terms of width, height and depth.

With so many alternatives available finding the size and ability to suit your needs is simple. A desire of finishes from black metallic to stainless-steel can also be found making sure that any style of business is enhanced.

We are on the commercial refrigeration market for over 30 years. So, we’re able to give you professional advice as well as equip you with the maximum advanced, reliable commercial fridge equipment.

Our company name is ECO-fridge because we’re devoted to offering just ECO refrigeration display fridges which are both energy green and sustainable. Consequently, this will help your company to lessen your fees both financially and to the environment.


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Our display fridge and storage chiller units are all manufactured using fine, ECO and environmentally European components. And our refrigerant development programme enables us to provide the marketplace ‘cleanest’ commercial refrigeration. This also allows us to ensure that your display fridge units spend extra time chilling than being repaired.

ECO-Fridge have an extensive variety of great commercial display fridge cabinets to suit a whole host of chilled goods provider applications. We have many specific classes to pick from.


Patisserie display chiller

cake display fridge

The patisserie fridge is ideal for restaurants, cafes, cake and patisserie shops.

Our range of cake display chillers, all have complete glass surrounds to view the goods from any angle.

Our wonderful patisserie chillers come in many elegant finishes from steel to premium stainless-steel.

So, whether or not you’re planning on using as a sandwich, patisserie, or cake fridge, our outstanding multideck chiller ideally suits on the lowest prices on the British marketplace.




Standard multideck refrigerator category is the home of the universal open display fridge cabinets for cafes, shops and comfort stores everywhere in the country.

Multideck chillers provide a tremendous way to offer a wide variety of merchandise in flawlessly chilled conditions.

The length of the multideck refrigerator you pick could be very important. The smaller one has almost 600mm longer, and the biggest model has 1800mm length.

Premium multideck fridge cabinets have plenty of awesome features like glass side panels, detachable bottom plates, auto defrost, LED lightning, shelf risers, night-time blinds, and stainless steel exterior.

Generally, temperature degrees fall between -2˚C to 10˚C providing the perfect conditions for the majority of refrigerated.


Grab and Go fridge

Grab and Go display fridge

Grab and Go fridge cabinets can stock and elegantly present various products. And all flawlessly cooled and prepared for serve.

Our multideck fridges assist you to maximize the temptation of ‘Grab and Go’ for sandwiches, wraps or boxed salads.

You have so many alternatives to pick and purchase from the Standard to the Premium Grab and Go chiller class, so just click on the pictures and buy.


Upright display chiller

drinks fridge

Upright fridge represents the glass door chiller or drinks fridge with glass front chiller functions. Also, these bottle chillers will assure your business successful and a great return of investment.

Therefore, you can assure the clients having access to chilled beverages using different sizes, smaller or double door cabinets. Also you can choose a beer fridge depending on litre storage capacity.

The upright display chiller has one of a kind sizes from the smaller one display fridge best suitable in espresso stores, hospital cafeterias, comfort stores, supermarkets and colleges to the large double glass door fridge ideal for shops where the demand for chilled beverages is high.


Bar fridge

bar fridge

Bar fridge units with integrated pinnacle established mild are a tremendous way to attractively show and merchandise your chilled drinks.

These mini fridges are available in loads of shapes and sizes to suit your business.

From half-size door variations for small pubs to massive double doorways bottle fridges for gala’s and carrying arenas, there are masses of preference to buy.


Counter fridge

counter fridge

Double glazed counter fridge category is imparting the high-quality manner to lure your customers with cakes, fruits and different patisserie products. Our high-quality stainless-steel countertop chiller fits in restaurants, cake or espresso shops which can be on top of your new or current counter.

With bonded double glazed front display, these counter chillers provide the most desirable thermal efficiency. They become perfect for displaying desserts and other patisserie products.

The compressor with integrated controls gives ventilated refrigeration at every shelf level to hold a fair temperature throughout.

Whether you want to display desserts, fruits, or cheese, its full display will lure your clients’ attention and will boost your sales.


Serve Over

serve over

Our committed Serve Over counters (or serving counter) will offer an extraordinary answer in your catering enterprise that serve directly to customers, at the same time as tempting customers with its full display.

Besides, having merchandise along with cheese, cooked meats and fruit attractively displayed at once in the front of customers encourages impulse purchases and up-sales in step with visitors.

The Serve Over Counter represents a stylish way to show off all manner of goods. While also presenting refrigerated perishable goods.

Moreover, serve over display fridges maintain your stock at the precise temperature and offer a generous chilled or ambient house capacity. Above all, being able to retain many types of meals and drinks chilled for a long time, the options provided by Serve Over Counter cause them to a wonderful piece of catering device for a wide range of takeaway venues.


Heated Counter

hot display

Heated Display counters suit for preserving food hot even as on show in your bakery, restaurant or patisserie. Moreover, our heated counter represents the best desire for pies, pastries, paninis, filled sandwiches and soup.

In conclusion, visit our online shop for more display fridge units like the Double glazed countertop fridge or check all the ECO-Fridge heated counters.

Above all, the open-fronted display ensures your merchandise gets visibility to customers, encouraging them to buy.

So, the heated display counter retains ideal heat, along with a visually appealing display, having the ability to attract clients and encourage them to purchase.


Final considerations

All display fridge units are thoroughly tested to the highest requirements so that you should purchase with confidence. And this because we understand that your commercial fridge cabinet must work month after month, every day.

As part of our committed provider, we will deliver, assemble and set up your unit for FREE, geared up to be stocked along with your products. Such is our recognition for satisfactory and reliability, we’re proud to be the suppliers of professional fridge units to main names which include Costa Coffee, Gail’s Bakery, Cafe Nero, Wenzels, and Coffee1.

At ECO-Fridge UK, we offer the most practical and efficient types of glass front fridge, ensuring that your beverages, food and drinks are held at the most effective freshness and ready to serve.

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Drinks fridge units are perfect for storing and cooling liquids and other produce, attractively supplying what’s to be had whilst preserving greatest chilled conditions. And all within a fashionable frame. Call us or place your order online now.

When stock ought to be saved in chilled conditions, a commercial display fridge ensures that it’s additionally attractively merchandised to maximise sales.

So, Contact our call-centre to obtain the correct recommendation for the commercial display fridge equipment that fit your budget and desires. No other company is aware of the display fridge cabinets like us, so don’t hesitate to contact our sale crew on 01280 811411.