New Low Temperature Chest Freezers range

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Low-temperature Chest Freezers range available

We are now offering high-performance low-temperature chest freezers which cover the needs of laboratories, hospitals and the food industry for preservation of products in very low temperatures.

Optimum product durability is ensured with these chest freezers offering solutions perfect for laboratories and hospitals, built to the highest standards you can be ensured that your purchase is high quality, durable, reliable and energy efficient with all top of the range components.

Low-Temperature Chest Freezer speaks to the ideal answer for use in medical clinics and labs. What’s more, this since low temperatures become a standard in the storage chest freezer cupboards. Besides, a low temp freezer may likewise fit in commercial cookeries.

Be that as it may, while the prerequisites ascend at better expectations, you should have a low or ultra-low temperature freezer.

Consequently, we offer a scope of limits from 130 litres to very nearly 500 litres for each need of any space. In this way, a storage low temp freezer has temperatures down to – 45°C, – 60°C, or – 86°C.

We offer FREE conveyance and establishment in roughly 3 weeks from certain instalment.

Storage Chest Freezer offer

You can discover in our offer the GLE, the GLK, and the VT laboratory freezers:

1.GLE low temp chest freezer splendidly fit when you should store items at an ideal temperature for quite a while. The GLE Range arrives in a scope of temperatures down to – 45°C. Furthermore, have measures somewhere in the range of 130 and 485 litres net volume.

2.GLK extra-low temperature freezer can store your things at the right temperature for quite a while. The GLK freezer has temperatures run down to – 60°C and sizes from 130 to 485 litres net volume.

3.VT ultra-low temperature chest freezer is the most impressive unit from its range. This laboratory chest freezer can stock things at an ultra-low temperature for a long time. The GLK laboratory freezer offers temperatures go down to – 86°C. It incorporates the limit run from 189 to 368 litres net volume.