Is a Cake Display Fridge able to improve your business?

patisserie fridge

A Cake Fridge really can improve your shop and your sales. This patisserie display fridge entices the customers from the street with its highly visibility.

In a terribly competitive market with so many international companies, you CAN improve your patisserie business. But you need to know: how to make this possible? You need to inform, to plan, and to act like a pro. If a big chain must manage hundreds of bakeries, cafes and cake shops, you need to manage just a few of pastry shops. And it’s easier to manage, and to improve your pastry shop. So, you can make profit faster than the big retailers.

In conclusion, think twice, act once. Use the best-quality cake fridge displays. In conclusion, invest smarter!

How to improve your cake shop sales and profit?

Ways to choose a commercial fridge wisely.

What commercial refrigeration supplier is the best?

How to choose the perfect display fridge?

Tips to grow the sales and profit for your business.

What Cake Fridge should I buy?

cake fridge

Invest in the best Patisserie fridge

In the last 2 years, bakeries and pastries has realised that the business profit is lowering. And all of this in the light of growing coffee and cake shops market. But why? For this, Patisserie Valerie, one of the biggest cake shop and coffee chain in the UK hired a new manager, Paolo Peretti.

Seems like, in the last years, rents increased with more then 10%. Moreover, every year appear about 200 new cafes and 100 new cake shops just in UK. This means, expenses grew up while the number of clients decreased. And, in this situation, a cake display fridge makes the difference.

Moreover, the financial part is not the only one that matters. You need to present better than others. That’s why, an attractive display fridge, like a cake fridge, can and will improve your shop. Well, every business has a brand. And the brand-awareness matters. Some of the biggest companies had “little problems” in the past.

display fridge

Avoid other mistakes

As many people already know, and the Guardian informed their readers, Patisserie Valerie has to dispel memories of its near-death experience, that was subject of a Serious Fraud Office investigation. The incident took down the brand’s cosy image and also ruined the reputation of its accountant Grant Thornton and the major chairman, Luke Johnson.

At least five employees have been arrested in this accounting scandal. And Peretti admits it may put off bothered customers, who already hesitating about buying from them. Examination reports found broken ovens, weed-grown cake fridge and patisserie displays, unpaid suppliers and other lacks at some of their bakery sites. Cost-reductions had been so severe that they stopped using butter in their puff pastry.

That means to manage a big company, with extensive departments. So, you have bigger chances to develop your cake shop. Learning from other mistakes. Also, maintaining the pastry and cake fridge displays clean.

 Patisserie display fridge

Tips for choosing commercial fridge appliances

If you are thinking about starting your own business, opening a cake shop is one type of commercial enterprise you may be considering. Cafes and pastries can be extremely successful small businesses. They are hard work and require dedication and catering expertise, but the financial results can be rewarding.

Here some useful hints to help you choose commercial fridges like the cake display fridge cabinets, if you are thinking about opening your own cake shop.

Think twice, invest once.

The first step is to prepare a business plan and put together your start-up capital. In addition, you will need a lump sum in order to purchase the required patisserie fridges for your café. Commercial refrigeration equipment is one of the most important investments you will need to make for your business. Think about the type of cake shop you are planning, and consider the space you have available in your premises. The type of patisserie displays you need, and their size, will depend very much on these aspects of your business.

The type of food you plan to serve in your café is also an important consideration. For example, if you plan to serve hot food like lunches and breakfasts, or hot pastries and warm cooked meals, you will need cookers, ovens and you may even need heated counter displays to enable easy viewing and serving of warm dishes, or pies and pastries. If your pastry is going to be serving baked goods, like cakes, or desserts, you will need the correct commercial refrigeration. And an appliance to store your cakes while on display to customers, like a cake display fridge. An Ice cream freezer or a serve over counter cake display may also be excellent investments.

commercial refrigeration

Buy just from the best commercial fridge suppliers

Find yourself a reputable supplier of excellent commercial refrigeration equipment. Moreover, one able to advise and guide you to the product which best meets your needs. Bakeries, cake shops and cafés are busy places. Any display fridge you buy will need to be of a high standard, made specifically for commercial use, and be well-made and robust.

Commercial fridges are stronger, bigger and more powerful than domestic kitchen appliances. If you are setting up your own pastry, you know that domestic appliances are not suitable for a busy environment. In addition, you must store the food correctly in order to meet health and safety standards and regulations. So, consider buying a commercial cake fridge.

Also, spend some time researching by looking at how other cake shops have been set up and equipped. This will give you an excellent idea on what will be required. For example, are you planning to make speciality coffees? If so, you will need an excellent commercial coffee machine for your barista to use.

commercial display fridge

Use just the best display fridge cabinets

By taking the time to carefully consider what your business needs are, you will be able to budget for and source the right equipment. And this will help you get your business off to a flying start. A state-of-the-art commercial fridge or a huge ice cream freezer won’t help you prepare better food, but will help you to present your sweets more enticing. In conclusion, to attract the customers and to increase the sales.

All patisserie displays help to present your cakes in the most appealing light possible. So, buy the ideal cake fridge for use in a patisserie, bakery, coffee shop, tea room or restaurant.

For example, ECO-Fridge UK offers the perfect commercial fridge solution for your business. The range includes patisserie display fridge, upright display chillers, Grab and Go fridges, serve over counters, counter units and other multidecks. These display fridge units situated at the highest standards, made especially for some of the most important brands in the world. In conclusion, they are perfect for any cake, coffee shop, school cafeteria or delis. Commercial refrigerators represent an outstanding refrigeration solution for all types of catering and retail operations. Eco-Fridge offers cabinets like the cake fridge displays for every environment, ensuring the highest quality, reliability, and energy efficiency.

commercial fridge

Marketing solutions

You may have references to your special offerings printed and presented all over the shop. In addition, try to make a pitch to people who haven’t entered yet by marketing and promoting your best items outside. Spread flyers and posters in the neighbourhood. An aboard outside the shop will attract customers who are fascinated by special offers. Give discounts on these during off-peak periods when tables are empty.

Send a smiley marketeer outside with a tray of samples of your special sweets to tempt passers. Big cake shop chains also do this with great marketing results.

Get Social

Advertise in local media, informing them what are your special sweets. Small cake shops have limited marketing budgets. So, they manage their budget more wisely. Consequently, use the social media platforms to engage with existing and prospective customers. Consider adding every day outstanding and funny photos. Write mouth-watering posts for your special items. Update them regularly, so that your followers to spread the word among their networks.

Consider having power sockets, phone chargers, and free wi-fi connection in your shop. So, that customers can immediately share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, about the fantastic pastries they just consumed. In this way, they will fuel the online buzz about your shop.

commercial refrigeration

Reviews matters

Be quick to respond on social media, listen to feedback and be polite with the clients. Pay attention to reviews and you will learn what customers like and don’t like. In this way, you can improve the shop, the produces, and make it even more appealing.

Be proud of goods you offer and really showcase your special goods. Be smiley, friendly and generous. After quality, a word-of-mouth suggestion become the second biggest reason for choosing a cake shop. And, when recommendations are good, your sales and profit will be great.

cake display fridge

Buy a cake fridge

Your outstanding cake shop needs an elegant and top-quality cake display fridge. Above all, patisserie fridge displays look charming. Whether you want a Serve over patisserie counter with a distinguished display or a Grab & Go cake display fridge, ECO-fridge UK have it all. We ensure you that will get a robust and reliable commercial fridge with multiple choices in dimensions, finishes and designs.

When cakes must be kept chilled, a commercial display fridge ensures the perfect serving temperature. Above all, it looks great and draw in the customers to buy your sweet products.

Everybody loves to caress with a delicious cake or pastry. So, assure you’ll entice them using an elegant Patisserie display fridge to boost your sales. In cake industry, like in many other, people buy using their eyes. That means, the better appearance, better sales and profit. An elegant cake fridge display and outstanding pastries will guarantee you happy loyal customers.

So, make sure you take the right decision when picking your patisserie fridge.

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