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ice cream freezer

Ice cream freezer displays seduce the customers everywhere. In coffee shops, in patisseries or cake shops, in any convenience store.

Melted ice cream or Buy an Ice Cream Freezer ?

Cake shops can be wonderful little businesses if they are set up correctly. Unfortunately, too many people think it is easy and cheap to start a business. So, they are surprised when the business fails. If you are considering starting a coffee shop or patisserie, this article contains some excellent tips to get you started.
The first question you need to ask yourself is simple. Are you any good at making cakes and coffee? And what will you feed your customers? So, you need to establish what type of cake or coffee shop you are going to open. Also, the type of customers you are hoping to attract, and you need to think about what will make your coffee shop the one passing customers will choose.

Chest Display Freezer


Most high streets have many coffee houses to choose from. And if you look at them, they will all be slightly different. Moreover, think about your passions. Do you love baking delicious pastries? Or do you prefer making dainty tea cakes to enjoy over afternoon tea? In conclusion, your coffee shop should play to your strengths.
You could also think about a café. Or, it could be a breakfast and lunch stop diner. Or it could be an organic café serving healthy snacks and lunches. A cake, patisserie or coffee shop is a place to rest, relax, buy refreshments and eat good food. In short, the types of customers you attract depend entirely upon the type of food and beverages you serve.

Starting a coffee shop involves investment. So, you will need to purchase the correct cooking, serving, and storage equipment. You could consider a state of the art coffee shop display fridge.

So, customers can easily see the delicious selection of cakes and pastries to choose from. Above all, you need to have an Ice Cream Freezer, because the ice cream grow the business awareness.

So, you will need a properly equipped kitchen too, with plenty of surfaces, a fridge, freezer and cooker. Commercial kitchens are very different to domestic kitchens and the appliances are different too.

upright ice cream Freezer

Stylish ways to Serve Ice Cream

Is there anyone who doesn’t adore a good ice cream ? There is nothing better than those attractive cones piled just high enough to not melt down your hands in a hot summer evening.

Even more, we can still upgrade something that’s already fantastic. In addition, consider puting those cones out and don’t even think about picking that ice cream into a bowl when you have other interesting ways to serve your favorite frozen cream.


Make ice cream sandwiches

The possibilities to serve a fancy ice cream are endless. Sandwich some cream between your two of your popular cookies to start. But why stop there? How about some pieces of pound cake or crackers? Try to melt some marshmallow and make treats out of cereal.


Combine desserts

We know that serving a catchy pie means serving it with ice cream. But you can realize an ice cream pie too. Simply layer your favorite frozen incredients in a pie crust, and spread lashed cream on top. House it in the freezer so the whipped topping to be firm, and arrange your delightful pie with sides of caramel or hot fudge.


ice cream display


Make it a shake 

Sometimes people have to eat their ice cream on the go, and a cone isn’t always conducive to that. After all, a shake will make it just perfect and easy to be served on your commute. So, mix ice cream and some milk in the blender and you will achieve a quick and simple shake. Feel free to throw in the cup some fun add-ins, like crushed candy or sprinkles.

Make ice cream tacos

Remember childhood ice cream tacos you used to get from the ice cream corner shop? Well, you can prepare them yourself, and they can taste even better. Melt some butter, mix in cinnamon sugar and grease them on tortillas.

Fold over and cook them in the oven so they get crusty. Fill these crunchy shells with ice cream, chocolate, candies, sprinkles. And serve it for free to a child so entice more other kids to buy your beloved ice cream.

Brownie Affogato Sundaes

Combine an affogato (coffee-based beverage) idea with a brownie to get an immoral sundae that mixes it all in there: warm, cold, sweet and salty.


  • 1/2 cup heavy dressing cream
  • 1/4 cup marshmallow creme
  • 6 prepared brownies
  • 6 table-spoons spread ice cream topping
  • 2 cups coffee ice cream
  • 3/4 cup hot espresso
  • 6 table-spoons coffee liqueur – optional
  • Chocolate-covered coffee beans
  • Sea salt or smoked salt

Skillet Blueberry Slump

  • Preheat oven to 400 C. In a 10 inch ovenproof skillet, combine the first 5 ingredients. Reduce temperature; simmer, uncovered, 9-12 minutes or until slightly thickened, shaking occasionally.
  • Meanwhile, in a small pot, put whisk flour, sugar, baking powder and salt. Cut in butter until mixture resembles raw crumbs. Add milk; blend it until moistened.
  • Drop batter in 6 portions on top of the smoulder blueberry mixture. Transfer to oven. Bake uncovered 17-20 minutes until the balls are golden brown. Serve warm with ice cream.

Nutrition Facts

1 serving: 239 calories, 4g protein, 3g fat (2g saturated fat), 7mg cholesterol, 52g carbohydrate (32g sugars, 3g fiber), 355mg sodium.

commercial ice cream freezer
Caramel Apple Ice cream

Serve ice cream in an apple to add some nutritious value, of course. Just cut the top of an apple and hollow out the inside. Then, put ice cream in this sweet crunchy apple bowl. It’s simple and delicious.

Donut Ice Cream Sandwich

A combination of two of you favourite ingredients. Glazed donuts with black cherry and mint chocolate chip ice cream. 

Combine donuts with black cherry and mint chocolate chip and make donut ice cream sandwiches. Use glazed donuts and colorful fruits ice creams to make each sandwich look a little more impressive. Slice a donut in half, add ice cream, and that’s it.

You can put your sandwiches in the freezer to keep them cool until serve them, but that will also harden your donuts. So, you can also pre-scoop ice cream onto bowls or plates and put them in the freezer. Then when you want to serve them, you can transfer the pre-scooped ice cream onto donuts.

Enjoy all these deliciously simple treats!

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Present your Ice cream, cakes, coffee in an elegant way.

Remember that customers won’t come in to your shop if they don’t have a clear idea of what you offer. This applies equally to your special drinks and dishes.

Don’t hide them in small corners of your menu. Get them out in the open and be very specific and meaningful wherever you refer to them. You want these special items to appear in bold-face type, so colour code references to them and provide important nutritional information in straightforward language that everyone can easily understand. You should include calorie counts to help customers who are watching their waist lines.

Consider devoting a separate sign to advertise your special ice cream, drinks and cakes so that they stand out. Above all, use eye-catching layouts, fonts and colours. A chalkboard represent a cheap and simple DIY solution. And can be updated daily or weekly to reflect changes in your menu.

A professionally painted sign or board will blend better with a more sophisticated, upmarket decor. But it will also cost more. Use these areas to `shout out’ about the items that set your menu special from competitors’ and to draw your customers’ eyes to the things your shop does best.

Marketing and Promotion

Maybe you have references to your special offerings plastered all over the shop and printed on receipts or business cards. Even more, make a point for people who haven’t even walked in the door by promoting your best items outside. Get flyers and posters printed. An aboard outside the shop will bring customers who are intrigued by special offers. And consider giving discounts on these during off-peak periods when tables are empty. Multinational chains often drop prices on new offerings to win over customers to the unknown.

Send an employee outside with a tray of samples of your special cakes, drinks and dishes to tempt passersby. Similarly, large coffee-shop chains also do this very effectively. Find busy corners or commercial areas where you can distribute samples, flyers and vouchers for discounts and introductory offers. More then this, make sure you include a map and address. Attend festivals and local events that welcome businesses, and make samples and vouchers along to get the word out.

Be popular. Go on Social Media

Advertise in local media, spelling out everything is special on your delights. Most small cake or coffee shops have limited marketing budgets. So, social media can be a free option. Hence, use it to engage digitally media with existing and prospective customers. Remember to add sensational photos and full-of-flavor descriptions in your posts. Update them frequently, so that your followers on social media continue to spread the word among their networks.

Moreover, make sure the power sockets and wi-fi connection in your shop are always working. So the customers can immediately jabber on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat about the fantastic cup of ice cream, coffee or the delicious pastry they just enjoyed. In this way, you will boost the online buzz about your shop.

Be quick to respond on social media and listen the feedbacks. In other words, take it seriously and you will learn what customers want from you business. So, you will make your shop even more appealing.

Be enthusiastic of everything you offer and showcase your special delights. And don’t neglect customer service because it makes a huge difference in persuading clients to try anything you offer. Be friendly and generous. After location, a word-to-word suggestion become the second biggest reason for choosing a coffee shop. And if recommendations are positive, your sales will continue to grow.

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Patisserie display fridge

People’s looking for a good cake display fridge without the requirement for the absolute best. Consequently, ECO-Fridge UK revised the premium patisserie display fridge, now the silver range is a good option. Surprisingly, completed with silver steel exterior and interior without plastic, something not found as standard even from number of other manufacturer. In conclusion, It is a very good spec, from an industry leading brand, and all for well under £990.

Special advices to stand out

A special coffee needs to be entice, and have such appeal that customers will go out of their way for it. It might involve a unique blend of beans from a local roaster or an exotic far-off one, homemade syrups, herbal teas. Also, an original flavour not available elsewhere or a preparation or style of serving with irresistible appeal.

Think at coffee with ice cream on the top. Or with almond, coconut, hazelnut or cashew. And seasonal specialities that keep your menu fresh and customers excitedly awaiting what is coming next. Hot chocolate at the Christmas holidays, pumpkin lattes at Halloween and iced teas. Ice cream with any flavor. From chocolate to vanilla, from lemon to strawberries. In addition, lemonades, smoothies and frappes during summer months can draw in clientele seeking something different.

Experiment: Take risks with new combinations and don’t be afraid to break the mould. Give everything special a catchy name, even develop a theme.

A special dish might be savoury or sweet, cooked, chilled or even raw, and paired nicely with one of your drinks. Use fresh ingredients, prepare it daily and go the extra distance in the way you make and present it. Be original with ice cream, muffins or see which cakes or brownies fly off the shelves fastest and you will know what customers care about.

Patisserie Display Fridge Flat Glass

Ice cream Freezer Display

Sliding Glass Lid Chest Freezers are the perfect patisserie and ice cream freezer solution. With their high performance and energy efficiency, our chest display freezers are made from the best premium components. Whether you’re offering ice cream or lollies, frozen ready meals or vegetables, a professional lid chest Freezer assure your items are perfectly displayed and stocked at the ideal temperature for long time. So, check for more fascinating freezers by visiting the Standard Glass Doors Freezer and the Premium Upright Display Freezer range to buy for your business.

Chest lid Display Freezer


With commercial sliding chest freezers we offer the ideal addition to any business. Chest freezers house big quantities of food for a long time. Moreover, these ice cream freezers are principally designed to pass the test of time. So, every type of sliding glass lid chest freezer is available. Hinged lid freezer, glass lid display, flat or curved glass models. We offer a wide range of freezers for every situation and for any budget.

Ice cream freezer cabinets offer quick and easy access to frozen items. ECO-Fridge UK provide the perfect units for corner shops, frozen food centres, big retailers or convenience stores. We offer cabinets in all shapes and sizes, from flat to curved with high-visibility, at the lowest prices.

A freezer usually store perishable products for a long period of time with little loss in nutrition or change in appearance. But a Sliding glass Chest display freezer attract customers with your frozen products. So, it is ideal to use as a Ice cream freezer .

Deliver period and conditions

The delivery, installation and commissioning of the Ice cream Freezer units are FREE and the expected delivery is estimated 8 working days from cleared payment. Deliveries above York, Leeds, Blackpool & outside UK Mainland will incur an extra charge.

Contact our expert team

Having a commercial refrigeration experience for over 30 years, we are able to give you professional advice. So that will help your company improve the business by growing the sales.

Contact our expert team for an appropriate recommendation of commercial freezer cabinets to suit your budget and convenience.

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