Invest In The Future – Convert to a Hydrocarbon ECO-Fridge

ECO-Fridge R290 & R600 Hydrocarbon Refrigerators are powered by cigarette lighter gas which does not deplete the ozone layer. Developed to address the increasing demand for lower energy consumption levels, corporate social responsibility towards sustainability, and the current noise levels of commercial refrigeration equipment, this approach has resulted in a dramatic reduction in direct and indirect CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. As part of its green technology initiative, Frost-Tech (a manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment) has made a global move towards the use of Hydrocarbon

Hydrocarbon refrigerants

As such, the company is clearly focused on developing refrigerators and freezers through the utilisation of the Hydrocarbon family of refrigerants – propane R290 and isobutene R600. In order to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions, Frost-Tech is committed to the use of Hydrocarbon refrigerants, the Frost-Tech green technology initiative is dedicated to the development, manufacturing and marketing of energy efficient refrigerators and freezers. Frost-Tech’s varied experience and expertise in the development and manufacturing of Hydrocarbon refrigerators and freezers has lead to an extensive product portfolio which already boasts over 100 variations of refrigerator and freezer products within its eco-friendly range.

Energy savings

Hydrocarbon refrigerants are reported to be in the range of 20-30% more efficient than HFC refrigerants and are more energy-efficient than their conventional HFC or CFC counterparts that are still widely used in commercial refrigeration today. A Hydrocarbon R290 system can consume approximately 27% less energy compared to an equivalent HFC R404 refrigeration system.

Field tests on large Hydrocarbon display chillers have shown that when energy efficiency measures are combined, companies can enjoy in excess of 50% savings in energy consumption levels on display chillers that operate year round, when compared to the running costs of display chillers that do not have the benefit of the Frost-Tech energy efficiency design features.