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Eco-Fridge UK offers retailers the chance to reduce their refrigeration unit electricity costs by up to 35% with the introduction of new hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerant R290 (propane) Multidecks.

This hydrocarbon refrigerant has the backing of environmental groups such as ‘Greenpeace’ and is now being widely used to replace and as an alternative  to the extensively used (HCFC) refrigerant, as it is environmentally benign, has no effect on the ozone layer and has extremely low global warming effect on the environment. There are now many major corporate users of refrigeration equipment replacing their (HFC) charged equipment with the ‘green’ (HC) hydrocarbon equipment.

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The major benefits of cabinets charged with (HC) R290 refrigerant in stores are two-fold, primarily there would be an approximate reduction in sensible heat output from the condensers in the region of 70%, and this would make a significant reduction in the ambient temperatures in the store during daytime opening hours and indeed overnight, There would also be a significant reduction in heat load on the air conditioning equipment.
Secondly, there would be an approximate 35% reduction in electricity consumption from cabinets operating on the (HC) R290 refrigerant compared to the (HFC) R404a refrigerant charged cabinets which are currently in operation.
This in itself could reduce the store electricity consumption considerably.

The majority of Eco-Fridge Multidecks are available in R290 (factory order) including the SP range with it’s sleek and stylish curved design to give maximum view of the merchandise.

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