Commercial Display Fridge – Glass front fridge

Display Fridge cabinets are the ideal commercial fridge solution for all the types of catering businesses. ECO-Fridge glass front chillers are manufactured with premium components to a high specification, creating robust chillers.

These units offer the ideal choice for cafes environment or delicatessen, where you must keep chilled food fresh. Yet presented in a visually appealing manner. You can buy a product by visiting our commercial display fridge page, or you can choose from any category you want by clicking on the pictures down below.


What is a Display Fridge cabinet?

What is an Open Chiller display?

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Grab and Go fridge multidecks.

Patisserie display fridge and Cake chiller fridges.

Serve Over counter displays.

Counter display and Counter Top display.

Drinks Fridge displays.

Upright display chiller.

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Display fridge categories:

counter fridge


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display fridge

Display Fridge Cabinets

ECO-Fridge UK offers the ideal commercial refrigeration solution for your business. Our range of cabinets includes patisserie fridges, upright display chillers, Grab and Go display fridges, serve over counters, counter units and premium multidecks. We supply display cabinets at the highest standards, bought by some of the most important brands in the world.

In conclusion, they suit perfectly in any cake store, coffee shop, or delis. Our high-performance fridges represent an outstanding commercial refrigeration solution for all catering and retail operations. They offer cabinets for every cookery application, ensuring the highest reliability, quality, and energy efficiency.

Choose the perfect display fridge for your business

ECO-Fridge display fridges match a strong construction with a tempting display to present food and beverages. Our glass front chillers represent the perfect solution for stores, catering or cafes.

Coming in an comprehensive range of sizes, features and shapes, you just have to choose your ideal multideck. A plenty of finishes from black steel to stainless steel will ensure that any type of environment is complemented and enhanced.

We provide multideck fridges for over 30 years. So, we have the ability to give you professional advice as well as provide you the most reliable commercial refrigeration equipment. And this will help your company boost the sales to the best of its ability.

Our display fridge and multideck chiller units are all manufactured using top-quality, and environmentally European components and our refrigerant development programme allows us to provide the market “cleanest” refrigeration. Above all, it helps to ensure that your commercial fridges and display fridge units spend more time chilling than being repaired.

display chiller

Best display fridge multidecks provider

All our catering refrigeration display units are thoroughly tested to the highest standards so you can receive your cabinet with all confidence. More then this, our technicians will deliver, assemble and install your unit, ready to house and present your products.

We are proud to be the ongoing provider of commercial fridge units and display fridge cabinets to important names such as Cafe Nero, Costa Coffee, Coffee1, Wenzels and Gail’s Bakery.

At ECO-Fridge UK, we stock the most efficient models of glass door chillers on the market, ensuring that your drinks, food and beverages are held at ideal conditions and ready to serve.


Standard open display fridge category

Multideck Fridge

Open chiller category forms the home of the ubiquitous glass front fridge merchandiser up and down the country. Open multideck units offer an outstanding way to showcase a wide range of goods in ideally chilled conditions.

The size of the multideck you choose represents a critical aspect. The smaller one has no more then 600mm longer, and the biggest model in our offer has 1800mm length.

There are numerous features which are advantageous when choosing an open fronted display fridge: removable bottom plates to provide easier cleaning access, glass side panels to increase presentation and sales, shelf risers for stopping products from falling off onto the shop floor.

Advantages of plug in / integral units:
  • Plug-in equipment is less expensive to buy keeping the initial costs at a low level.
  • When running noises are out of the premises, there is little risk of complaints from your neighbours.
  • No planning permissions are required for integral display fridges. And this consent may be needed sometimes for remote cabinets.
  • In most of the cases, plug-in models are generally reliable when maintained and serviced adequately.
Sizes and Temperatures:

The dimensions of the open chiller you choose is very important. After all, you need to fit it into the area available without obstructing walkways. The smaller multideck display fridge has no more then 600mm longer, and the biggest cabinet has 1800mm length.

For larger establishment, standard size units may not be big enough to fit your commercial needs. In these cases, some of our open fridges can be multiplexed. This meaning that many cabinets may fit together to create a long open multideck. But, where you need multiplexing, you will ought to consider greater power requirements.

A direct representation of size is the capacity. Obviously, the bigger dimensions the more space will have available for displaying products. Moreover, capacity dependent on the number bur also the configuration of shelves that cabinet holds.

The temperature range fall between 0˚C to 10˚C, providing perfect conditions for the majority of refrigerated produces. If you are looking to stock fresh meat, you will require a lower temperature range to maintain food safety, typically in the region of 0°C – 2°C. Consequently, you’ll have to visit our Display Freezer or Chest Freezer categories.


Premium Open Chiller cabinets

open chiller

Premium multideck fridges have many amazing features like: auto defrost, removable bottom plates, glass side panels, night blinds, shelf risers, premium LED lightning, and 304 stainless steel finishes. Generally, temperature ranges fall anywhere between -2˚C to 10˚C providing the ideal conditions for to stock and present any goods.

The category of durable ECO-Fridge Premium Display Chillers perfectly suite on the grab and go sectors. In addition, they come in a variety of models to suit all your needs, including high capacity, medium and slim line designs. Models with a heated display function are also available.

The low height multideck display fridge perfect suit for snacks, placed at impulse points, near till points and in convenience stores. Medium slimline multidecks offer the ideal solution for sandwiches, salads and chilled drinks in coffee shops, cafes and restaurants. Large open fridges become ideal for supermarkets and larger convenience stores where the volume of chilled products is high.


The premium fridge for shop displays come available in 304 stainless steel, black steel and white steel finishes, with widths ranging from 600mm up to 1900mm, giving you the perfect option no matter the size of your business.

All ECO-Fridge Premium Multideck Display Chillers have an innovative air curtain system. This recycles the cool air which is commonly wasted in conventional designs, making our display fridges some of the most environmentally ECO-friendly cabinets available.

With an ECO-Fridge premium multideck chiller, you don’t need to sacrifice an tempting display for superior quality refrigeration. In addition, whilst the food is perishable or it has a short shelf lifespan. They combine superior chilling capacity with the ability to create an enticing display.


Grab & Go displays

Grab and Go display fridge

All ECO-Fridge Grab & Go display fridge units have an sophisticated air curtain system, which recycles the cold air. Otherwise, the air is normally wasted in conventional designs.

In conclusion, this makes them some of the most sustainable and Eco-friendly units available.

With the choice of solid back or rear glass doors for staff loading, our Grab and Go cabinets constitutes the highest standard units at the market.

Suitable for packed goods and drinks, our cabinets are available in a wide area of shapes, sizes and capacities, for any catering environment.


The size of the multideck you choose is very important. After all, you need something to fit into the available space in your store. Obviously, the larger dimensions offer bigger capacity area available for presenting products. Capacity also dependents on the number and configuration of shelves that each unit holds.

With a comprehensive range of sizes, shapes and capacities every company will find here the perfect solution to their needs. Our Grab and Go chillers have dimensions from 600mm to 1200mm longer.

Temperature and Contents

A display fridge needs to offer the perfect temperature in order to preserve the freshness, texture, moisture and flavour of your products. In this way, it will entice customers with its high impact glass display. The temperature range will be dictated by the products you wish to presents.

The temperature ranges are:  -1 / +7 C.


Cake fridges

Patisserie Display Fridge

Patisserie fridge cabinets perfect suit in restaurants, canteens, cake and patisserie environments. Our top range of cake chillers have full glass surrounds to view the products from any angle. Much more, these units come in many finishes from coated steel to stainless steel. So, our high-quality chiller perfectly match at our lowest prices on the GB market.

Our patisserie display chillers help to present your sweet cakes and other pastries in the most appealing manner. We offer the ideal selection of cake displays for use in a patisserie, bakery, coffee shop, tea room or restaurant.

Types and Sizes:

Our amazing cake fridge come in a stylish silver coated steel finish at standard or in an elegant Stainless Steel on the premium category. With a comprehensive area of sizes and capacities, every environment from cafe’s to restaurants will find the perfect solution to their requirements.

Our patisserie display fridge models have dimensions from 600mm to 1200mm longer.

The multiple shelf and all-around glass side panels ensures you there is a plenty of room to present your sweets with a stylish appeal in customers mind.


A cake display fridge needs to offer the perfect temperature. And this will preserve the freshness, texture, moisture and flavour of your sweet cakes to tempt customers to buy.

The temperature ranges are:  +5 / +7 C.


Serve Over cabinets

Serve Over

Catering Serve Over Counter (or Deli Display) will attract your customers to buy more. More then this, our amazing display fridge ensure you the maximisation of the sales of your food and drinks. However, the features provided by our counter make it an amazing piece of catering equipment for a comprehensive range of takeaway environments. In addition, it is also capable of keeping food and drinks chilled for very long time periods. In conclusion, we understand that every business is unique in its way. So, we offer a comprehensive range of Serve Over counter displays. And this helps you to find the perfect display fridge, and buy it at the best prices you’ll love.

Our serving counter provide an exceptional solution for your catering business. In addition, having products attractively displayed directly in front of customers, it encourages up-sales per customer. A common sight in canteens, cafes, delis and supermarkets, the serve over represents a stylish way to showcase an extensive range of produce.


Mobility: whether you want to showcase meat, or other chilled products, these mobile display counters are perfect. In addition, they can be easily transported anywhere is needed.

Visibility: Serve Over displays combine a chilled display fridge and a large counter top on which scales, tills, or further displays can be placed.

Slimline: each of our counters can easily fit through a doorway of standard size. Even so, those slimline fridges come with a large display deck that maximises its interior area.


A serve over display fridge need to offer the correct temperature. Consequently, it will preserve the freshness, moisture and flavour of your goods and will tempt clients with its high impact glass display.

The temperature ranges are:  0 to +12 C.


Counter displays

deli display

Double Glazed Counter Display Fridges perfect suit in patisseries, cake shops, and cheese shops. In addition, with their amazing features like the top-quality components, double glazed glasses, powerful chiller are available in a range of different sizes and are suitable for all kind of establishments.

With bonded front, top and sides, and heavy-duty double glazed rear doors, these counter displays offer the ideal thermal efficiency. More then this, they suit for displaying cakes and other patisserie products. The compressor with built-in controls provides ventilated refrigeration at each shelf level to maintain an ideal temperature throughout.

Eco-Fridge Double Glazed Counter Top Display Fridge form one of the highest quality cabinet with its outstanding features. In addition, this counter top fridge for shop is ideal for presenting food and drink. In addition, it can sit on top of your new or existing counter top displays.

Visit and buy our other Double Counter Display categories, like the Premium Counters and the Standard Counter Displays. ECO-Fridge UK offers an extensive variety of counter top cabinets. Certainly, this represents an ideal solution when your space is limited and you want to create a charming environment. Our Double Glazed Counter Top units are robust, versatile and portable so are perfect for on the go catering ventures.

Whether you sell cakes, fruits, cheese, or general chilled products, its full display will invite your customers to buy.


Drinks Fridge displays

drinks fridge

Here, at ECO Fridge, we have a great range of models to suit all your needs. From our Standard Upright display Chiller to the Premium back bar display fridge category. Our cabinets are ideal for pubs, clubs, shops, cafes, canteens, takeaways and more. We stock single and double bottle chiller displays in many shapes, sizes and features.

Drinks chiller displays represents the ideal way for cooling drinks and other beverages, charming presenting and enticing to buy more.

Drinks Fridge for your Bar.
Bar fridge

Do you own a bar, pub or bistro and desire to offer perfectly chilled drinks to your customers? Eco-Fridge UK offers a proficient and stylish range of bottle coolers. Above all, if you have a small or big business, commercial drinks fridge will successfully satisfy your business requirements.

Back Bar wine chiller is an essential piece of any bar design and will ensure a really boost of your profit. Choosing the right drinks chiller is imperative to smooth and efficient operation in any busy service area.

Above all, in order to keep drinks accessible and reliable our back bar display fridge is a must in restaurants and bars. So, pamper your clients with fresh, appetising and perfectly chilled products and make them coming back for more with an ECO-Fridge display.

We’ve tried and tested in other popular pubs or bars like yours all our drinks chiller displays within our range. So, we guarantee that they are able to keep up with the rigorous environment. With one of our top-performer bottle fridge, you’ll serve each drink fresh, and this will let your customers completely satisfied.


Upright display chiller
Upright Display Chiller

If you’re looking for additional storage for your beverages, our selection of solid drinks fridge displays offer the perfect solution. Top efficiency and amazing performance ensure you that beverages are always chilled in premium conditions. Each drink is ready to serve and offers complete satisfaction to your clients. And this will guarantee a big increase of your sales.

Glass door fridges perfectly stock and chill your drinks and other produce, attractively presenting what your shop have available. Above all, upright display fridge units maintain the ideal chilled conditions and all within an elegant frame.

A choice of great finishes will assure you that any type of business environment is complemented and enhanced.

  • Removable bottom plates provide easier cleaning access.
  • Glass side panels increase the presentation and grow the sales.
  • Stainless steel finishes come at Premium category to entice you customers attention.
  • Lighting presents the stock in the most attractive manner. Some of our open chiller multidecks have top mounted LED light.
  • When shelves can be tilted, shelf risers become ideal for stopping produce from falling off onto the floor.
  • Open display fridge cabinets can be large, heavy, cumbersome pieces of equipment. In conclusion, Castors ensure easy movement and positioning of equipment in your shop. Castors are an additionally option to choose with extra-charge. So you need to tick this option.
  • Night blinds come as a Premium feature and can be drawn over the open display during out of hours periods. These represent an ideal way to increase energy efficiency.
commercial fridge

Manufactured by Frost-Tech exclusively for ECO-fridge UK ltd in the perfect conditions and with the highest quality components, we guarantee you quality and performance. So, just browse our broad selection and contact one of our advisers for free expert, impartial advice.

Whether your open display fridge requirement is for grab and go, pub, bar, bakery or supermarket retail applications, Eco Fridge UK has the solution.


Delivery and conditions:

We offer FREE delivery, installation and commissioning for our Open Display Fridge units. The expected delivery is estimated 8 working days from cleared payment. Deliveries above York, Leeds, Blackpool & outside UK Mainland will incur an extra charge.

Contact our specialists to obtain the perfect recommendation for commercial fridge and open chiller categories that suit your budget and needs. So, contact our sale team on 01280 811411.