Commercial Display Fridge Guide

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Commercial Display Fridge cabinets are an incredible venture. In addition to the fact that they help to keep your chilled food and drinks at the ideal serving temperature, they likewise help you to stock your items viably to augment deals.

A front of house display fridge should have the option to dependably hold enormous amounts of stock with minimal upkeep, while additionally giving simple access to customers or staff. This guide should assist you in choosing the best kind of display fridge for your necessities.


Refrigerated Merchandiser

From little countertop displays to huge, turning cake chillers, a Refrigerated Merchandiser keeps your chilled items at the ideal serving temperature and tantalizingly promoted.

Refrigerated merchandisers are presumably the broadest gathering of expert display fridges, as they can extend from little, countertop displays as far as possible up to the biggest unattached merchandisers for massive sweets or refreshments. The refrigerated merchandiser is intended for the front of the store to amplify boost deals. Anyway, usually, this category of display fridge is situated for helped service.

Refrigerated Merchandiser

Multideck Fridge

A multideck display fridge is a huge, open-fronted merchandiser intended to permit customers to pick chilled items straightforwardly off the rack. Ordinarily found in accommodation stores, a multideck is an extraordinary method to support drive deals, particularly close lining territories.

Because of their enormous size and open plan, significant purchasing contemplations of a multideck are its ability, number of racks and security. While Serve Over counters is viewed as “helped service”, a multideck display fridge is “self-service” – ideal for lessening lines and boosting deals.


Pick a multideck

ECO-Fridge display fridge cabinets consolidate solid development with an appealing introduction to show food and drinks. Our open fridges are appropriate for grocery stores or bistros.

Arriving in a wide assortment of sizes and shapes – from huge, double door models to a littler single door, models or even half-size countertop units, with pivoted or sliding doorways and over or underneath introduced refrigeration frameworks – you’ll require just to pick your best glass front fridge cabinet.

We are on the commercial refrigeration advertise for over 30 years. Along these lines, we’re ready to offer you proficient guidance just as outfit you with the greatest progressed, dependable commercial fridge gear. With such a significant number of options accessible finding the size and capacity to suit your requirements is straightforward.

Our organization name is ECO-fridge because we’re given to offering just ECO refrigeration display fridges which are both vitality green and sustainable. Therefore, this will assist your organization with lessening your charges both monetarily and to the earth.

Our display and storage fridge units are totally made using fine ECO European parts. What’s more, our refrigerant advancement program empowers us to give the “cleanest” commercial refrigeration. ECO-Fridge have a broad assortment of incredible commercial display fridge cabinets to suit an entire host of chilled goods supplier applications.

Multideck Fridge

Patisserie Display Fridge

Patisserie Display Fridge cabinets show up in a lovely completion so whether you’re foreseeing using as a sandwich or cake fridge our first-class chillers perfect match at the most reduced prices on the UK’s market to suit. Anyway, with 3 glass retires, a top-mounted light, just the head of the range, it’s an ideal choice if extending bargains is your goal.

Patisserie display chiller speaks to an extraordinary strategy to ostensibly bewilder customers into purchasing your sweet patisseries, treats, or sandwiches.

Fundamentally, all patisserie fridges need to highlight your cakes and prepared goods in the most engaging light possible. We offer the best assurance of patisserie multideck displays for use in a bread kitchen, bistro, or diner. With an expansive extent of sizes and constrains, every business from bistro’s to diners will find the perfect solution for their necessities.

A various rack and all-around glass sideboards ensure that there is a ton of room to show off stock with a cutting edge demand in the customers’ brain. In case your business requires a patisserie chiller, we can charm you with the perfect game plan here. A cake display fridge needs to offer the correct temperature to secure the newness, surface, sogginess and sort of your desserts, just as entice customers with the high impact glass display.

In the event that you’re looking for a patisserie fridge yet, you don’t know which one is straightforwardly for you, you should connect with us and our specific gathering will manage you to the perfect plan.

Patisserie Display Fridge

Serve Over Counter

A Serve Over Counter can regularly be one of the biggest apparatuses in a food service business. Intended to adequately stock chilled food and drinks, a Serve Over counter offers an adaptable helped service arrangement. As these enormous apparatuses are frequently one of the main things a customer may see, an in vogue appearance which fits into your front of house stylish is a must. Size and temperature run represent an additionally significant. Consequently, the machine needs to fit consistently into the front of the house while likewise putting away food at a suitable temperature.

Many Serve Over counters additionally offer upper display racks or Under Counter Fridge Storage to accelerate re-loading during a busy service. Serve Over counters are likewise accessible as encompassing units, perfect for foods served at room temperature.


Serve Over fridge

Commercial Drinks Fridge

A Commercial Drinks Fridge or back bar cooler is ideal for bars, clubs or relaxation focuses. The most widely recognized sort of drinks fridge is the bar chiller which gives simple access to chilled packaged or canned drinks, albeit upright adaptations with a higher limit are likewise accessible.

Usual highlights in lager fridges are sliding or pivoted doors and appealing lighting, which assists with attracting the customer’s eye to the substance – particularly in dim clubs or bars. Basic purchasing contemplations for jugs fridges are limit and access, despite the fact that effectiveness and appearance can likewise be significant, particularly on the off chance that you have different fridges.

Different kinds of drinks fridges can suit huge measures of container refreshments and Kegerators which help to bring draft brew and juice to the versatile providing food condition.


drinks fridge

Last contemplations

All display fridge units are completely tried to the most elevated necessities so you should buy with certainty. What’s more, this because we understand that your commercial fridge cabinet must work quite a long time after month, consistently.

As a major aspect of our submitted supplier, we will deliver, amass and set up your unit for free. Such our acknowledgement for acceptable and unwavering quality, we provide commercial refrigeration units to fundamental names which incorporate Wenzels, Gail’s Bread shop, Bistro Nero, Costa Coffee, and Coffee1.

At ECO-Fridge UK, we offer the most pragmatic and proficient kinds of the open front fridge. Therefore we guarantee that your refreshments, food and drinks stay at the best newness and prepared to serve.


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