Choosing the Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

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The commercial refrigeration equipment come with the best-quality premium components, to improve your business. Special display refrigerators help you maximize the efficiency of your catering kitchen as well as the cost savings. For example, there is a wide range of refrigeration and freezing models for under counter fridge and multideck display fridge units. These are ideal for your space – and save money.

Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

Food industry

Multideck display fridge

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Energy Efficiency in catering refrigeration equipment

Points to consider when taking the display fridge investment decision

Commercial Display Fridge


Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

If you need to store food and beverage ingredients in a hot kitchen at a certain temperature, you can use a commercial fridge. High performance fridge for shop provide the commercial fridge space needed to ensure that food is not wasted due to inadequate refrigeration.

However, before budgeting refrigerator units for your equipment, prioritize cooling requirements and the total cost of operating the equipment (which also includes energy costs). R value means that the insulation can keep ambient heat away from the refrigerator. Thus, assuring optimum performance of chillers. Furthermore, storage freezers let in less cold air and are comparatively more efficient than conventional freezers.

display fridge

This means investing in cooling systems that meet the chilling requirements of your system. Whether you are buying catering fridge units for a new store or replacing an old one, there is a lot of investment in selecting a cooling and storage solution that offers added value. The following are some of the important factors to consider when you are in the market for commercial refrigerators.

Food industry

Food industry understand the importance of a reliable chilling system for their business. The food industry depends on the availability of display fridges, storage freezers and other food processing equipment. Companies involved in the storage, sale and preparation of foodstuffs need reliable restaurant fridge systems to avoid shutdowns and the loss of critical stocks.

Commercial refrigeration capacity is the average output of all open chiller systems with constant year-round operation.

The appearance of the devices is important for the appearance and feel of the entire operation. So, ECO-fridge commercial refrigeration equipment supplies an ever-growing range of multidecks, display freezers and other. Therefore, we assure your customers that everything they will buy is properly refrigerated. That’s why we have so many available options to choose from.

Our great range of commercial fridge products covers all surfaces, with many styles and sizes to help you find the best fit for your needs. In addition, all our commercially available display fridge and meat freezer units have a stainless steel construction for longevity and durability. Even with daily heavy use, you can rely on these devices to remain stable and functional.


Special considerations

What you may not be aware of is that regular service is one of the most important components of your heating and air conditioning system. Chances are that preventive maintenance will keep them running reliably and efficiently. Even if you believe that it works properly, a glass door fridge consume too much energy, costing not only your wallet, but the entire planet.

Consequently, if your system is regularly checked, problems can be identified and fixed before the unit runs out. And this, even if you lose an entire shipment of ice cream or meat.

Investing in the relatively low cost of regular maintenance means that you will not face the same problems with your heating and air conditioning system later on. Wear parts can be easily exchanged without the device having to be shut down.

commercial refrigeration equipment

In recent years, the market for commercial refrigeration units has grown continuously. This has led to the development of a wide range of ice cream freezer, glass front fridge, drinks fridge and other equipment.

In-case functionality is ensured by vending machines that exploit their full potential in a wide range of applications.

This enables service providers to clean water pipes, containers and dispensers with products specially developed for ice machines. Commercial refrigerators and freezers have to work harder to keep the temperature inside, using more energy. Maintenance of commercial fridge systems can save 5 to 10 percent of energy costs by operating the systems at peak performance.

Multideck display fridge

ECO-fridge UK offers a turnkey solution based on technical know-how and tailored to the specific needs of each store format. Whether it’s a Serve over, Under counter fridge, upright meat fridge or anything in between, we offer a solution that improves merchandising opportunities. Moreover, it keeps food fresh, and also controls operating costs.

Patisserie display fridge

Small convenience stores have very few perishable items, so it is not economically viable to rotate them frequently with little staff. Nor do they generate as much revenue as companies that have to employ a full-time staff of more than 10, such as fast-food restaurants.

Many convenience stores also have fountains that offer a variety of fresh food and beverages. As well as fresh produce and other items. 

Some of the sites are mini-truck stops, which obviously has an impact on the product mix and customer base. The product mix includes food, but also the following groups: beverages and snacks, including confectionery and tobacco, as well as a variety of other foods. 

Mini-markets can be found around the cities with goods exposed in multideck fridges or upright display chiller units. This allows traditional markets to continue to sell local goods while reducing the cost of building and owning a convenience store.

Multideck display chiller

By and large, new convenience stores may have a wider range, but there is still no choice compared to supermarkets. In many shops, there are only a few options. And products with a long shelf life are the rule, as they are specifically designed to attract customers. 

display fridge

So, they can also buy something profitable. The product containers in a convenience store are smaller and reduced in product quantity. So, more products are on store multideck shelves. Prices in convenience shops are lower because they order a smaller amount of stock at a higher unit price than wholesalers. 

In the not-so-distant past, convenience stores considered packaged consumer goods. Today, companies in the industry are approaching food service and commercial refrigeration as an essential part of their business model. 

Many consider that the fastest growing segment of the convenience store market are non-traditional stores, and there are a number of companies that plan to expand into food services, such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Starbucks, Dunkin ‘Donuts and others. They stock and present their goods in big display fridge multidecks. And, in this way, they attract more customers.

Presented fresh and tempting, the product is ideally located as a last-minute must-have. Multideck chillers represent a versatile choice in both large and small stores. 

Energy Efficiency in catering refrigeration equipment

What energy efficient qualification has your new display fridge? This matters more and more and rightly so with ever increasing energy bills.

For the first, the energy saving represents a major factor in most companies. But they also take responsibility for environmental impact. So, everybody needs to proof their customers and others that they take it seriously.

commercial refrigeration

The problem in commercial refrigeration is that without an agreed standard rating system, chiller manufacturers can situate above or below the mark as well. Manufacturers try to put more thought in design and improve of their latest multidecks.

But when it comes to compare the energy savings system to their competitors it becomes very hard to prove one way or another.

Everybody makes in-house tests and lists of data to present them to public. But only a limited number of manufacturers are having their equipment independently verified. The absolute solution to compare refrigeration equipment is to run them side by side for a few months with monitoring equipment attached.

A job that many organisations started to make it. Results determine the sales of this commercial fridge units. And that because the customers save money in energy costs.

Points to consider when taking the display fridge investment decision:


Manufacturers offer detailed description for their commercial fridges, to help educate us to their models and efficiencies. Consumption details are offered from most refrigeration brands and we can use it to make comparisons. So, a higher specification may usually result in a higher price. And it can often save money in a future perspective.


We have certain ISO standards for manufacturers and offered products. Companies struggle to improve their manufacturing processes so receive ISO certifications. A business that is certified takes its manufacture process very seriously. And they have invested a lot of know-how and money for this.

In addition, market have certain product schemes in place like ECA Scheme for commercial refrigeration. Multideck chillers from these manufacturers offer the insurance that you’ve invested your money in an established commercial fridge appliances brand.

Tax incentives and grants

These are environmental schemes that can help you to obtain some benefits. Consequently, the ECA Scheme allows you to buy an energy efficient ECA commercial display fridge or freezer and gain tax benefits for this. Also exist a few of grants available to companies that make positive steps in reducing their carbon emissions.

Energy costs

Everybody tries to reduce the cost of the investments in these tough times. But looking just for the cheapest display fridge is not the best policy. Energy consumption cost you much more on a cheaper multideck. But many ignore this factor. And it shouldn’t when you consider the increasing trend of energy costs. Savings may rise at hundreds of pounds per year on a more efficient commercial fridge. So, you must take it in consideration.


A higher quality catering chiller may cost a little more. But through the end of its lifetime, it will last two or three times more than a cheaper one. Consequently, the costs of a higher commercial refrigeration unit can be smaller than a low-quality cabinet.


Plan exactly what fridge for shop you need in matter of size, requirements and features. An inconsistent cabinet can prove itself useless. This can result in higher energy consumption or the need to buy another appliance for what you require. On the other side, a display cabinet that have higher specification, larger size or more powerful than you need may also lead to higher costs. Or worst, you can waste your money for a un-useful appliance.

Counter fridge

Commercial Display Fridge

Multideck chiller offers you the possibility to check the stock before you open the door. Glass door fridge units are preferred by many restaurants, grocery stores and other commercial establishments. We offer a wide selection of commercial refrigerators with sliding door and hinged door. The open fridge permit easy access to products allow you to exhibit goods.

Specialized catering display fridges will make a real impact in your sales area with assembled units. The commercial refrigeration category with only one door is intended for sellers of glass doors. Double glass door chiller large capacity refrigerators perfectly fit in convenience stores and supermarkets. 

The Counter Top display has its place when you need to create a conspicuous display when a full height display is not possible. The three-door display refrigerator is suitable for specialized, high-capacity retail units that are ideal for busy retail spaces. 

Glass front fridge

A high-quality open front fridge ensure stocking and presenting food and beverages at optimum temperature. It features a refrigerator that perfectly stores and displays perishable items over long periods of time. 

Our offer

We have many options of high-quality commercial refrigerators that perfectly suit for catering service applications. The cake fridge is ideal for use in patisseries, cake shops or coffee shops. The top of the cake refrigerators acts like a full-glass frame to view the product from all angles. 

The roll design allows you to easily store your pans in it. Commercial display fridge units let your products sell themselves and keep them cool. Therefore, an open chiller offers a wide range of options according to your preferences in any shop. 

The possibility to come into a nearby store for a quick snack is an everyday occurrence. Seeing al the food and drink displayed so enticing, looking good and tasting fresh are all part of the experience.

serve over display

This is where our multideck display chillers come into their area. Whether you own a supermarket, convenience store, coffee shop, or bakery you will appreciate our best multideck chillers. Their commitment to cutting edge design, ergonomics and top-quality build quality speaks for itself.

Built at precise standards and quality control, these display fridge appliances give you the confidence that your investment worth all the money.


All commercial fridges use fully integrated advanced airflow technology to create a protective air curtain that maintains ideal product temperature. Hygiene is the most important aspect. So, our display chillers have fully removable shelves and supports for ease of cleaning and 304 stainless steel finishes.

Premium Multideck display fridges have night blinds or secure roller shutters (with full solid end panels). All models have top mounted LED light for a better presenting. You can choose the additional option of castors to ensure easy movement on initial positioning or during routine cleaning, service and maintenance.

We invite you to find out all the product details on our website. Or give us a call for further information and helpful advice.

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