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Choosing a Serve Over Counter or Meat Display Fridge for food and cake presenting will improve your store. Therefore, customers must see the food well presented in your Meat Display Fridge and they need to be sure that you’re selling food in good conditions, respecting the food safety rules.

The food retail business just like any other business can best run correctly if it has all the vital commercial refrigeration equipment. Displaying the food become these days a way of attracting customers and enhancing sales.

Serve Over counter advantages

The Serve Over destination

Food Serve Over categories

Size & Capacity



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Serve Over counter advantages

Here are some of the advantages that meat display counters can offer to a company:

Improving aesthetics with illuminated display
The glass front display
Providing perfect storing temperature
Ensuring excellent hygiene
Low noise level

Improving aesthetics with illuminated display:

There are a lot of styles of serve over display counters that have indoors lighting. Interior lighting represents a first-rate function for attracting customers by presenting the variety and freshness of products. In other words, people get a clear view of food.

The lighting not best adds to the splendour of the store but also lets in clients to pick out the nice meat. It has a substantial effect on the sales of the shop.

Lighting can contribute to increasing sales as they improve the way to display the food. The lights can consume a whole lot of electricity however the brand new fashions have LED lighting which is electricity green.

The glass front display:

The meat display fridge counters inclusive of the fish counter fridge have clear tempered glass for the display area. The glass front display will earn the trust of the customers as they will realize that meat is stored in smooth and hygienic conditions.

Slim Serve Over

Providing perfect storing temperature:

Temperature is an essential aspect of ensuring secure storage of meat and its merchandise. Therefore, serve over counters provides a precise temperature for ensuring food safety.

There are fashions with characteristic temperature controls and virtual displays. Consequently, this makes it easier to set the best temperature. The controls can help you alter the temperature with none difficulty. The clear display also helps you to realize that the appliance is retaining a consistent temperature.

Ensuring excellent hygiene:

Hygiene is the maximum important thing to attend to in meals enterprise. Smallest hygiene errors can lead to meals contamination which can result in meals borne diseases. Moreover, serve over counters are best for keeping hygiene because they’re made of stainless steel.

It is an appropriate fabric for commercial use as it is straightforward to easy and it does not require any antiseptic cleaner to eliminate germs. Moreover, Stainless Steel is germ resistant, so it helps to reduce the chances of contamination.

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Low noise level:

The meat display counters are designed for business use so that they have a low noise level. Noise may be an unattractive thing for an industrial location because clients may discover it uncomfortable and distracting. The commercial refrigeration technology has improved a lot and it has managed to decrease the going for walks noise of the appliance.

The display fridge counters are a wonderful addition to the meals stores as they will let you showcase the meat merchandise that you have to offer. And, of course, while keeping it in food safety and hygienic conditions.

Serve Over destination

When it comes to buying serve over display fridges, you want to not forget some of the crucial points such as these counter fridges should be robust and sturdy. This is how you could hold your appliance for a long time.

Likewise, it additionally allows you to correctly reduce repairing and maintenance expenses of the serve over counters. Besides, you need to settle on major capabilities and utilities of those counters in order to choose the fine type.

Retailers most customarily decide on those meat counters & salad display fridge which are getting used for multiple functions which simply help you saving prices.

There are so many Curved Glass Serve Over varieties available within the market of which you want to select the maximum strong, green and steady one that may serve your purposes in a personalized manner.

Most of the glass front serve over counters include the commonest material consisting of stainless steel, aluminium, rock-maple, marble, limestone, laminate, granite, engineered stones and plenty of more.

Always maintain in thoughts that those serve over displays ought to be noticeably water, scratches and heat resistant. And such best will be highly beneficial for preserving the identical for longer intervals of time.

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Food Serve Over categories

Curved Glass Serve Over fridges
Meat Display Fridge
Patisserie Serve Over Counters & Cake Display Fridge
Deli Display Fridges & Serve Overs

Curved Glass Serve Over fridges

serve over counter

Undoubtedly, glass front Serve Over fridges provide both useful and aesthetic price. So, that’s why most of the retailers pick to healthy them on the front in their outlet premises.

As some distance as the selection of satisfactory serve over counters to your retail commercial enterprise is concerned, you first need to accurately measure out the gap in which you need to show the counter.

The size, shape and sample of the counter are noticeably structured on the distance to be had to place it.

Next most crucial element to recall is what your respective price range is. For this, it’s right to increase a proper plan regarding set up of these Serve Over counter fridges.

For higher assistance, you may additionally call an expert who let you with valuable advice’s concerning such home equipment.

Before buying the Curved Glass Serve Over Fridge, just try and hunt down what are the modern trends in recent times together with style, size and features.

If you need to create a tempting appearance of your outlet, then you definitely might move for curved glass serve overs. As it will decorate the general aesthetic cost of your premises.

Meat Display Fridge

Meat display fridge

The Meat Display Fridges are best for Butchers & Fresh Meat Display in special institutions consisting of retail’s, butcheries or catering facilities.

The most crucial features in meat presentation are the refrigeration temperature, which is usually between 0-2 Celsius, allowing the meat to preserve its first-class & taste, but at the identical time keeping in step with the health & safety laws.

Moreover, for Butchers Display Fridge units the ventilated refrigeration is preferred. Making an allowance for the temperature to be preserved at the same level throughout the display surface.

Patisserie Serve Over Counters & Cake Display Fridge

cake display fridge

To what it worries the cakes and other patisserie sweets, the Refrigerated Display Counters ought to have a temperature ranging from 3-10 Celsius. And relying upon the product, the endorsed temperature for cakes & pastries is among 4-6 C.

Regarding the commercial refrigeration, in this case, it is desired to think about the scale of the shop & sales. In a busy keep, wherein big portions of stock are required to meet the day by day demand.

Besides, the ventilated refrigeration will allow the temperature to be maintained at the same level within the Patisserie Display Fridge.

At the identical time, in Cafés & Bistros in which the cake choice is smaller and doesn’t require massive quantities of produces to meet the customer’s needs, the static ventilation will permit for the cakes to be maintained at the best temperature in the course of the day.

Deli Display Fridges & Serve Overs

deli display fridge

Deli Display Counters perfectly fit for displaying a big style of goods including sandwiches, cheese, fresh vegetables, etc.

The Deli Counter fridge temperature must range between 4-6 Celsius with static ventilation, which will keep the food at the very best standards thru the day.

However, if decided to present exclusive styles of produce in the same display fridge, it is very critical to make certain that every of food safety techniques is being accompanied and the product is separated with dividing walls.

What makes the most important distinction between these producers is satisfactory of the product & distinct capabilities that improve the appearance & upkeep of the product.

If a retailer needs to showcase its merchandise and make them attractive to its consumers, they ought to ensure that the food is presented & maintained by taking into account all the relevant elements.

Size & Capacity

Based on your shop requirement, you ought to understand how good deal produce needs to be displayed each day. It’s also miles very crucial to be privy to the store and recall distinct size-related aspects.

Luckily, there are many versions available. And ECO-fridge UK provides Standard Size Serve Over Counters beginning from 1 m length in addition to a display fridge that allows customisation consistent with everyone’s needs.

Moreover, you may want to consider the depth of the Serving Counter, like the Slim Serve Over Counter that begins from 60 cm, depending on the produce displayed & space available.

Saladette Counter


Serve Over represents the correct mixture of first-rate production and durability. They offer a top-hooked up light, rear paintings surface, ambient cabinets and chilled beneath. And all of this with an adequate presenting area.

This cupboard is appropriate for clean meat. So, this display refrigerator will give a nice attractive sense to any store.

Consequently, we will present you the most important features that best represents the Serve Over counters.

– Chilled Under counter storage

– Full-length top-mounted light

– Digital temperature control display

– Stainless Steel drip tray

– Silver coloured steel finish

– 4 Adjustable feet

– 2 Ambient shelves

– Full flat front glass for visibility

– Low front to maximise display space

– Self-evaporating drainage system

– CFC-Free insulation

– Low energy compressors

– Slide-out condensing system

– High-performance long-life fan motor

Serve Over Chiller


The food display counters are an essential part of a successful food business. Showcasing the sort of goods available in the shop makes the customers curious to discover your place and buy products.

Effectively providing the products and preserving its condition can be challenging. The display fridges are designed to ensure that meals may be positioned on shelves while retaining their freshness.

People continually decide on to shop meat from locations where they can actually see the product as they need to understand that it’s far hygienic and fresh.

The meat display fridge is available reachable when you want to sell your food merchandise as they provide the precise temperature and presentation.

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