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Drinks are a wonderful thing, but they tend to fill the display fridge. Reliable beverage refrigerators keep your beverages at optimum temperature, provide an aesthetic appearance, have viewing windows that act as doors, and keep drinks cool.

Some units retrofit a wine cooler, while others contain a solitary wine rack. This is convenient because it can store more than one drink.

Cool down sodas, beer, mineral water and much more perfectly and store everything on one side or the other of the bottle cooler. LED interior lighting, you can hold a side by side beverage center with ease.

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Drinks fridge

While there are built-in refrigerator solutions that deliver ultra-cold drinks to your next party, this line of side-by-side drinks fridge displays is the coldest on the market. The multi-zone cooler, which stores multiple types of beverages simultaneously, offers a variety of popular beverages that can be conveniently stored in one unit.

Some wine fridge units have two zones so you can keep red and white at different temperatures. Although they were not only designed for wine, many commercial drinks chillers provide space for wine bottles and canned drinks. The best accommodation units have a style that blends well with your décor.

Choose a drinks fridge

The commercial drinks fridge also features base compressor cooling and a digital push-button thermostat located in the commercial refrigerator. The pick mentioned above is a freestanding beverage center. And while it can still be positioned on the counter, the commercial fridge needs clearance on both sides to keep it ventilated and functioning properly.

So, if you’re looking for a bottle chiller specifically designed to be a permanent addition to your kitchen or bar, our ECO-fridge UK appliance is just what you need. It has an outward-facing cooling system that points downwards and allows you to place the drink on the counter without having to release it sideways.

Drinks fridge

Coffee shop drinks fridges

The interior of the bottle fridge is illuminated with blue light, making it easy for you to choose your favorite drink. Our beverage fridge is a great addition to any kitchen or bar with a bar cooler. This fridge can hold a variety of beverages such as water, fruit juice, coffee, tea and other.

Unlike the majority of conventional refrigerators, many commercial bottle refrigerators have a closing function. Alcohol – specific refrigerants are also widely used, such as wine coolers and kegs. With a Kegator you can keep your barrels at the perfect temperature for parties and get-togethers. We believe that anyone who thinks of themselves as a wine or beer lover should invest in a good commercial drinks refrigerator.

By keeping your drinks cool and fresh for longer, you can gear yourself up for a great house bar. There is no clearly answer to what’s better. And what fits a person’s situation or space may not best suit another person.

Usability of beverage chillers

Drinks fridge become indispensable for people who enjoy chilled drinks such as sodas and beer. They can be used indoors or outdoors. And can also be useful in a restaurant so that guests can serve cooled drinks to the delight of customers. Guests can use a beverage fridge in the kitchen, dining room, bar or even in the barbeque area. Like wine bottles, drinks such as champagne and whiskey should be stored upright.

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As you probably know, this is the same system that most full-size refrigerators use. It allows you to accommodate many smaller cans and create space for large wine bottles. The best beverage coolers for beer bottles have retractable shelves so you can see all your beverage options. Due to the materials used for the shelves, it is convenient that they have raised edges to prevent drinks from tilting forward.


If you want a mini refrigerator with a larger capacity, a back bar chiller is suitable for you. The bar fridge can hold 154 cans with the raised edges to keep drinks in place. There’s a glass door so you can see what’s inside before you open the radiator.

By keeping your drinks cool and fresh for longer, you can gear yourself up for a great house bar. This is the best thing you can do. And what fits a person’s situation or space may not best suit another person.

Commercial Beer Fridge

For high-traffic bars that require frequent opening of the bottle cooler, today’s commercial beer fridge has more powerful cooling systems that can keep chilled drinks cold even when the cool door remains open. 

Most models also have adjustable settings that allow you to adjust the temperature based on the type of beverage you are storing. This gives you the flexibility to keep your drinks so cold that they can be served by customers. Commercial drinks coolers allow cold drinks to be stored in a convenient place outside the main refrigerator. 

bottle fridge

Just be sure to keep an eye on the temperature of your beer and the type of beer you are storing. Aromatic beers such as pale ales should be stored and observed at 40 F – 42 F degrees. 

Beer fridge features

Commercial bottle fridges are designed to absorb many beverages and cool down quickly. If it is too big, it can take up too much space and push up the electricity bill. And if it’s too small, make up for the lack of drinks on a busy night.

Drink coolers were invented to hold only drinks and save space in conventional refrigerators. They fit into a short space and enhance the beauty of your room. Be it a bar fridge or a large bottle refrigerator with plenty of space, you want to enjoy a chilled drink every now and then. 

Simply put, a draught beer dispenser designed for cooling and serving draught beer is a portable tap for tapping draught beer. Essentially, this is what they do: they store beer barrels in specially designed dispensers. And this can hold up to 12 kg beer cans per square metre. Then you tap the beer from the barrel inside, and the chilled beer is poured into the customer’s cup or glass. 

beer fridge

Buy a bottle cooler

This is enormous if your establishment has a large selection of draft beer brands. Another type of bar cooler, which is supposed to keep the draught beer cold, is the beer dispenser. A draught beer chiller of excellent quality keeps the beer chilled by using the spout on top of the device and keeping it fresh. It can be used to cool draught beer by either using a tap in the bottom of a barrel or putting it into a unit. 

It is indispensable in commercial refrigeration when several types of beer are served on tap in your business. This device can hold several draught beers at the same time.

Ensuring that the draught beer poured in your establishment remains chilled and perfectly carbonated before serving. Unlike a kegerator, i.e. a barber cooler with tap and cold beer cooler, a commercial beer fridge works in a different way, which is specifically designed to keep beer barrels cold. 

 A commercial drinks chiller keeps you at the centre of the restaurant scene. The beverage cooler extends the life of your milk by keeping it at a guaranteed constant cool temperature. This walking device has a high-quality stainless-steel frame and a durable design. We are confident that it will make life easier in busy places with practical durability.

Beverage Fridge

Whether you try to fill your customers or just looking for a quick and easy way to stock cool drinks nearby, nothing compares to one of the best beer fridges. Not only do these beverage chillers make it super easy to stay refreshed and hydrated, they can also save valuable space in your main refrigerator.

slimline drinks fridge

The glass front fridge ensures a clear display of the contents and ensures a quick selection without having to open the door, especially when drinks need to be refilled. Many models can be built into a cabinet or used as a freestanding model for a counter display fridge. We have solid door models in mind, but small glass bar fridge models are perfect for smaller areas such as back-bars, pubs, coffee-shops.

Tips and Tricks for using a drinks fridge

Although the commercial display chiller can still be positioned on the counter, it needs space on both sides to ventilate and function properly. If you are looking for a beverage fridge specifically designed to be a permanent addition to your kitchen or bar, our Premium back-bar fridge is just what you need.

You can mix and match other commercial fridge appliances to perfectly optimize your outdoor kitchen. The dual zone beverage cooler is the perfect gift for your bar or to impress your friends. Install the commercial refrigerator as a built-in or freestanding cabinet with front ventilation. And the outside of the beverage chiller has a massive door that resembles the towel handle of a dishwasher.

Beer Fridge

The best guarantee that you’ll always have frosty drinks within reach is a beverage fridge. From freshmen to restaurant owners and winemakers, almost everyone can benefit from a commercial drinks fridge. If you feel that there are good beverage chillers to buy, let us help you decide. Contact us.

Reasons to buy a drinks fridge

To keep your drinks cool, it is necessary to equip with the best beverage refrigerator. Drinks cooler is designed with different capacities, which means that you always get the perfect beverage size. However, all of them have great features like the heavy display fridges that offer longer performance. In addition, some of these bottle chillers also have excellent compressors that operate in different temperature ranges. 

Enjoy cool drinks at the next barbecue without end. These durable drinks fridge uprights come encased in a stainless-steel outer shell to withstand ideal temperatures to your needs. This commercial beverage chiller complements your bar, pub or shop. Moreover, they implemented powerful fans or forced chilling technology to maintain the correct temperature in the low to mid 30 F. 

commercial refrigeration

Commercial Drinks Fridge

Glass door fridge systems are simply perfect for storing and cooling beverages and other products. And present a stylish framework in which optimum chilling conditions can be maintained. This is their reputation for quality and reliability.

We are proud to be one of the leading names in the world of glass door chillers. And we offer them in a wide range of styles, sizes and price points. Its storage ensures that drinks, food and beverages are kept optimally fresh until they are ready to be served.

Those looking for an excellent bar refrigerator will find themselves with a great commercial bottle fridge, as this cubic foot refrigerator offers a surprisingly complete set of features for a compact model. The temperature control can be set from maximum over medium to minimum.

Depending on whether it has to be switched or when not in use. If you use this display cooler to save on trips back and forth to your main refrigerator, the freezer may be worth it. What really impresses us is the interior of these drinks fridge. 

commercial drinks fridge

Heavy bottle coolers

If you want to cool your drinks to just the right temperature, there is little point in having a full-size bottle fridge with a wine cooler and beer fridge. This would take up a lot of space and probably drive up the electricity bill.

Alternatively, you can use a bar refrigerator, which has the same basic function as the wine fridge. But also works for other beverages. This can be tricky if you have to behave yourself or behave with the right equipment such as a beer cooler. 

Before you search the market for available models, remember that mini and back bar chillers are so small that they are not known for their chilling performance. When you think a commercial chiller is something you can’t do without, look for other types of display fridge units that have features that you need in your business.

Our offer of Drinks fridge

The Frost Tech brand offers something for every business application and guarantees the highest quality, reliability and energy efficiency. The display refrigerators they supply are built to the highest standards. And come suitable for small to medium-sized businesses as well as large ones.

display fridge

ECO Fridge UK has commercial refrigeration solutions for your business needs. Their offer includes a wide range of display refrigerators, ice cream freezers and a variety of bottle coolers for commercial use. 

ECO Fridge has a wide range of commercial display coolers suitable for restaurant refrigeration and catering applications. The top-of-the-range cake display fridge have all-glass sheathing to allow you to view your products from all angles. Patisserie refrigerators are best suited to attract people in the front of your cake-shop, takeaway or coffee-shop.

Premium Back bar fridge

This commercial fridge is manufactured especially for drinks. In bottle chillers, you can adjust the temperature of your drinks. Therefore, your drinks will end up pretty perfect and you want to have wine or beer that is cooled at the ideal temperature. 

Commonly known as a beer fridge, a commercial bar chiller become ideal for displaying a full range of cans and bottled beverages. Fast customer service is essential in bars, pubs and clubs, and chilled drinks are just as important. 

Whether you’re in a newly catering kitchen or on an outdoor deck, behave to find the best model for your lifestyle. Keep your favorite drinks in cans and bottles at optimum serving temperatures by investing in our beverage fridge from ECO-fridge UK. We offer a wide range of models for any desired environment. 

Beverage refrigerator

Wine and beverage refrigerators, considered to be in short supply rather than needed, are at the bottom of the list of essential kitchen appliances. However, as beer coolers, the look and design of these devices actually add to your current decor.

If you buy an extra full-size bottle fridge and place it in your store, you can turn your head around and behave the way you want.

In addition, to providing a convenient place to store your beverages, drinks chiller also helps free up space in your multideck refrigerators. So, most of them are compact and have a small footprint, so they fit almost anywhere. This is very important, considering that conventional coolers do not have a lot of space. 

commercial refrigeration

Even devices without a connection usually have locations where huge quantities of food are processed. Commercial display fridge cabinets let your products sell themselves while you keep them cool. Roll-out designs allow you to easily store your pans and shelves in it. So, catering refrigeration offers a wide range of options, depending on the preferences of your kitchen. 

You can order your beverage refrigerator today from our online store.

Upright Display Fridge

You may have seen upright fridges and freezers in your local grocery store or restaurant. In fact, they are more complicated devices, which most of us tend to think of as “complicated” technology.

But an upright display fridge is just another store that can install eleventh-hour shopping facilities to boost product sales. Display fridge units are something ordinary shoppers will be grateful for. If you have a small shop, you do not have to go with a mini-fridge. An upright refrigerator is an ideal place to attract the attention of customers. 

Upright Display Chiller

If you want to create an enticing look for your outlet, you should opt for an upright display chiller as it increases the overall aesthetic value of your premises. Upright display refrigerators come in a variety of sizes, from slim versions that often offer more storage space than other sizeable devices. You have to think about how you can expect it to fit into other existing objects. 

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