• Frost-Tech Technical Update

    Sometime back we were discussing the merits and practicability of using a more environmentally friendly refrigerant as a possible alternative to (HFC) R404a which is currently used extensively throughout Europe and, indeed, throughout the complete Frost-Tech range of refrigeration equipment. We progressed from that discussion to prototype the P75, D60 and D75 multi-deck on care… Read more »

  • Some advice for setting up a coffee shop

    Coffee shops can be wonderful little businesses if they are set up correctly. Unfortunately, too many people think it is an easy, cheap option for starting a business and then they are surprised when the business fails. If you are considering starting a coffee shop or café, this article contains some excellent tips to get… Read more »


    Eco-Fridge UK Ltd gives retailers the chance to reduce their refrigeration unit electricity costs by up to 35% with the introduction of new hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerant R290 (propane) Multidecks. This hydrocarbon refrigerant has the backing of environmental groups such as ‘Greenpeace’ and is now being widely used to replace and as an alternative  to the… Read more »

  • ECO-Fridge New Silver Steel Slimline Multidecks Have Arrived

    Our standard silver steel multidecks are perfect for a variety of shops, where food or drink are on the menu. It provides a good blend of top quality manufacturing and durability at a lower price due to the absent of 304 stainless steel, however with four adjustable heavy duty shelves, a top mounted LED light,… Read more »

  • What kind of refrigeration is best for a restaurant?

    From large multi-deck chillers and patisserie display cabinets to upright and under-counter fridges, specialist refrigeration equipment is essential to the running of a restaurant. Commercial refrigerators are designed to keep temperatures between 34°F and 40°F. The ability to preserve food at the specified temperature, a compressor ventilation component and stainless steel finishes are typical of… Read more »

  • New Low Temperature Chest Freezers

    Low-temperature range available We are now offering high-performance low-temperature chest freezers which cover the needs of laboratories, hospitals and the food industry for preservation of products in very low temperatures. Optimum product durability is ensured with these chest freezers offering solutions perfect for laboratories and hospitals, built to the highest standards you can be ensured that your purchase is high… Read more »

  • Stainless Steel Gastronorms Have Arrived

    Brand new stainless steel catering range available now! The upright stainless steel chiller and freezers as well as the two, three and four door counters are all Gastronorm friendly and are well suited to the very hot temperature of a busy kitchen. These products have a removable monoblock unit for easy servicing and replacement, forced air… Read more »