14 Must-have restaurant kitchen equipment

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commercial kitchen needs professional devices from ovens to commercial refrigeration like meat fridge or under counter fridge that can resist in time. The format of commercial cookery should be deliberate to permit food to flow seamlessly from the prep area to the line.

Occasionally, a new restaurant may have an astonishing location but a small cookery area, which impose the shape of the kitchen. You may really need the big burner gas range with a convection oven.

However, in reality, your kitchen will handiest match a medium burner range. It’s critical to suppose strategically approximately your kitchen well earlier than you sign a lease.

In this article, we will present you a list of must-have restaurant kitchen equipment:

1 – Storage Containers

2 – Serving items

3 – Cooking Equipment

4 – Storage Racks and Shelving

5 – Safety Equipment

6 – Commercial Fridge cabinets

7 – Commercial Freezer units

8 – Food Preparation Counters and Cutting Boards

9 – Steam Table

10 – Slicers

11 – Mixers

12 – Ranges and Ventilation

13 – Ovens

14 – Sinks


restaurant fridge

Storage Containers

There’s little that back off house employees love extra than a new shipment of storage bins. Plastic clutter containers and hotel pans of all types represent the most important choice of every preparation and line-cooking operation. You’ll also want masses of proper tape — make certain it remains sticky even though it receives a bit wet — and Sharpies for labelling bins over and over again.

Serving items

If there’s not anything to serve the meals on, there’s no eating place. You’ll want lots of cutlery, plate ware, bowls, ramekins, cups, and glasses. Consider the range of tables you could match in your canteen. And what number of visitors you wish to serve each night while factoring in how much to buy. Also do not forget breakage: In the chaotic surroundings of restaurant kitchens, it’s not uncommon to lose a plate or glass every few shifts, even much more likely in high-extent operations.

serve over

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Cooking Equipment

Consider what equipment you want to make your entire menu in one shift. Cups of all sizes, sauté pans, sheet pans, whisks, tasting spoons, fish spatulas, bowls of all sizes, ladles, squeeze bottles, bench. You’ll additionally want greater of every item than you expect. While your dishwasher may be the greenest one around, there will still be times while all the sauté pans are dirty, even supposing just for only a few minutes.

Storage Racks and Shelving

Properly-mounted shelving can be an incredible answer for storing diverse appliances on your kitchen, as well as perishable and non-perishable meals. Having an organized storage system will additionally assist streamline your operation. Keep the most-used kitchen gadget within arm’s reach, and the food that’s used much less frequently at the pinnacle and backside shelves.

Mobile garage racks are also ad infinitum useful. They’re commonly sized to fit 20 fashionable sheet pans and can be used for storing and transporting meals.

counter fridge

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Safety Equipment

Ensure your kitchen has the right protection equipment. A well-stocked first resource or scientific emergency package is crucial in a workplace that runs on fireplace and knives. However, you’ll also need such things as extinguishers and domed protection mirrors that permit employees to realize whilst someone is rounding a corner.

Check your local fire department hints before buying hearth, protection, or sanitation equipment. And keep away from potential headaches by continually retaining your kitchen up to safety standards.

Assuring your workforce put on non-slip footwear and presenting rubber ground mats to save you injury from status for long hours additionally play a huge element in retaining your kitchen secure.

Commercial Fridge cabinets

commercial refrigeration

All catering kitchens require a commercial refrigeration device of some type. Without a commercial fridge, you can’t keep components and prepared foods fresh.

Commercial refrigeration equipment can satisfy the unique wishes of the food industry. For example, they can chill massive pots of sauce to a secure temperature in file time. So, a meat fridge is a key purchase for any meals managing operation.

  • Meat fridge

meat fridge

Meat fridge can store and chill meat at optimum conditions. In general, a storage fridge has a Stainless Steel exterior and aluminium interior.

In this way, the meat chiller assures the best practices in food safety regulations.

Meat is provided by animals that can convey micro organism which might make us sick. Therefore, you must store meat effectively to save you the growth of any microorganism that can appear.

And for this, a commercial refrigeration chiller differs from a domestic refrigerator.

Meat fridges are particularly designed to maintain meals within a very accurate temperature range to reduce the threat of bacteria growth.

  • Under counter fridge

under counter fridge

Under counter fridge offers the optimal space to storage meals in chilled conditions. They are also made by 304 Steel on exterior and aluminium on the interior. Under counter chillers can have 1 half-size cabinet or many combined small cabinets.

These half-size commercial fridges perfectly fit under your worktop. Integrated models stay hidden by a cabinet door, while the under counter fridge let you easy access to the food. And they are ECO-friendly having an intelligent power usage system.

Commercial Freezer units

Storage Freezers are vital for inventory management due to the fact it’s greater cost-effective to shop for 300 steaks and put them in a meat freezer than to buy 10 steaks each day.

Make certain you find professional help for set-up and to know a way to make correctly maintenance for your unit, as they may be luxurious to repair.

  • Meat freezer

meat freezer

When the food ought to stay stored for a longer time, you’ll need an upright freezer. Meat freezer can store meat and other foods at optimum frozen conditions.

Commonly, a storage freezer has a Stainless Steel construction on exterior and aluminium on the interior.

Consequently, meat freezer can assure you’ll respect the best food safety practices. So, you need to store the meat in a frozen environment to avoid the growth of bacteria.

Meat from the freezer needs to be kept at 0 F (-18C).
Freezer stocking period for cooked meat is shorter than raw meat because of what’s referred to as flavour taint. Certain flavours oxidise within the freezer after a length of time.

When defrosting frozen meat, refreezing is forbidden unless it’s far cooked first.

The food quality is changing whenever we’re putting in and out the food. Freezing forms ice crystals inside the structure of the meat. These ice crystals fracture the fibre that causes the beef to bleed while defrosted.

If the operation is repeated, the meat texture will become very dry.
Never refreeze food which has been melt.

  • Under counter freezer

Under Counter Freezer

The under counter freezer means a compact freezing cabinet that perfectly fits under the cookery counter top. The storage freezer has the same size as the under counter dishwasher. While half-size freezers of this kind can perform all the functions of an upright freezer, this under counter freezer may have one or multiple units.

Consequently, foods stay in each drawer and can be easily taken out when needed. Having many drawers, it allows you to place meat in one drawer, fruits in another, and vegetables in the third. And, in this way, you can retrieve the right frozen product for preparing a meal.

Food Preparation Counters and Cutting Boards

Preparation tables, slicing, and counters surfaces can be vital to any commercial catering kitchen. And are available in numerous sizes. Choose training surfaces made from stainless steel, which is strong towards corrosion, doesn’t absorb bacteria from meals and meat juices. And it may withstand the harsh cleaning products used in business kitchens.

On the line, you’ll need food prep counters and under counter fridge cabinets below them for easy get admission to meals prepped for each station. Some also have refrigerated compartments at the counter itself.

As for reducing surfaces, pick out both plastic or wooden cutting boards. Plastic boards are simpler to sanitize however can expand deep grooves which can conceal bacteria. Wooden boards are usually tougher to smooth than plastic ones but don’t increase grooves as easily.

It’s important to have a colour-coded device for slicing forums to prevent cross-contamination. Many cookeries use crimson for meat, yellow for chicken, green for veggies, and blue for fish and seafood.

commercial refrigeration

Comply with the food safety regulations.

Steam Table

If you need to preserve sauces and prepped meals heat all through service, the exceptional option is a steam table. They use warm water to maintain food in metal boxes heat and at a secure temperature for hours at a time.


Slicers are often used to reduce meat and cheese with pace and precision. If you offer in your menu sandwiches, for example, you’ll want to purchase an electric slicer. Electric slicers are automatic, that can save you time and labour. Most electric slicers additionally permit you to flip-off the automatic characteristic and function the gadget manually. If your cutting wishes are low-volume or infrequent, though, a guide food slicer is a better, much less high priced choice.


If your idea involves home-made bread or desserts, a commercial mixer is an important purchase. Just like slicers, it’s crucial to choose a mixer based on the volume of food you’ll need and how often the mixer may be in use.

If you need to combine dense doughs like in bagels or pizza, buy a spiral mixer.

For all other types of mixing, pick out a flexible planetary mixer. These have lower mixing speeds than their spiral counterparts but can help you make many distinct ingredients, from doughs to mashed potatoes and others.

storage fridge

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Ranges and Ventilation

If your venue plans on preparing anything but salad, you’ll need a cookery range. The range is the force of the kitchen. So, it’s important to pick the one that meets your kitchen requirements.

Like residential degrees, commercial gadgets can be both gasoline or electric. If you decided to a visual, responsive cooking experience, pass for a fuel variety.

Gas ranges make it less complicated to judge warmth tiers and change from high to low settings much faster than their electric counterparts. Alternatively, electric powered ranges have smooth, elegant, and smooth-to-clean


heated display

Most ranges come equipped with an oven. If your business focuses on baked products, it could be on your best hobby to buy a selection with a convection oven setting.

Unlike regular ovens, convection ovens have a fan and exhaust system that blow hot air across the food. They perfectly suit for roasting, toasting, making pies and cookies, or dehydrating.


Sinks are crucial to any cookery due to the fact they provide going for walks water as well as an area for hand-washing. And for cleansing produce, defrosting frozen meat under running water, or washing the occasional cooking utensil as needed.

Health and protection authorities normally require industrial kitchens to install a triple-sink wash station and a commercial dish-washing system, as well as a committed hand washing sink.

commercial fridge


When you’ve decided to open a restaurant business, ensure that everything is planned and calculated. So, be sure that investing a huge amount of money in your business will guaranty your success. In other words, making what you like is great. But making a profit from doing what you like is wonderful.

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