12 Tips to create a successful restaurant

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For those who love cookery and sharing their culinary creations with others, it’s regularly a lifelong dream to open a restaurant. What may want to be better than designing a beautiful venue, creating menus, and blowing your guests away with delicious new dishes every day?

Plus, in case you get all of these elements right, your restaurant ought to have the potential to make a very appetising profit, too.

But even for those with previous culinary enjoy, starting a restaurant from scratch may be a tremendous task.

Even if you have an outstanding concept, there are still lots of licensing and legal guidelines to cope with. And you’ll need to make a lot of essential decisions about designing your canteen, buying commercial refrigeration equipment, and marketing your enterprise, too.

To come up with the nice possible probabilities of achieving your dream, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide with tips to create a successful restaurant:

1. Conceive the restaurant idea

2.Knowing the competitors

3.Calculate restaurant profitability!

4.The legal necessities to open a restaurant in the UK

5.Restaurant Financing

6.Restaurant Location

7.Restaurant Business Plan

8.How to set up the commercial kitchen?

9.Restaurant serving room design

10.Create an ordering gadget

11.Make a professional website

12.Use flyers and signage


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1.Conceive the restaurant idea

Even the most gifted chef or ambitious business-man will struggle to draw diners without a unique restaurant idea. Just in this way, your restaurant can stand out and entice people to visit your eatery.

Therefore, an accurate idea is set a lot more than food. Your concept needs to cowl every component of canteen design, consisting of:

the kind of cookery: The kind of food will you serve. The feed point are you aiming for.
the atmosphere and styling: Will it’s a casual eating restaurant concept, or it’s an exceptional dining haute cuisine revel in? How will the restaurant, design and setting inform this? For example, a white-table, high-end restaurant may have a very specific design and environment to an informal tapas bar.
the service fashion: What kind of carrier will you provide? Will clients order at the bar, or will there be a complete waiter service?
your meant clients: What kind of consumers will your idea attract? What kind of food and carrier are they interested in? And what form of sources do they have to spend on eating out? This will dictate how lots you could anticipate to rate for your dishes, so research this carefully.

2.Knowing the competitors

Now you have the idea up a concept. So, you’ll need to do some research on your competitors. In connection, you can parent out how you’re going to face out from the group. One of the only approaches to gathering studies is to spend a while eating in different other locals.

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This can help you scope out the opposition and assist you to establish whether there are any gaps within the market you might be missing.

It will also provide you with a valuable opportunity to see which factors of their restaurants’ paintings, and which can be less a hit.

For instance, if a local competitor serves high-quality meals, but the surroundings and provider is stuffy and outdated, then that’s an opportunity to provide something better.

Or, perhaps the atmosphere is humming and the carrier is friendly, but the menu is over-complicated and bland. Once you’ve diagnosed the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, you could comprise the factors that paintings, and find methods to restoration the elements that don’t.

3.Calculate restaurant profitability!

It’s not enough your restaurant to be a labour of love — in case you want your commercial enterprise to survive, then it desires to show a profit.

business profitability

So, when developing your concept, you’ll have to figure out whether it’s going to be plausible along with your budget. And also how you will make your restaurant profitable.

You’ll need to make a rough financial outline that concedes what your overheads can be, how you plan to supply and purchase ingredients, and what your mark-up will be on each dish.

Depending on what form of dining revel in you want to create, you’ll also need to bear in mind how lots the venue itself will value, together with any renovations you intend to carry out.

There’s also the problem of staff salaries to keep in mind. For instance, if you’re aiming to create a luxury first-rate eating experience, then you’ll want a skilled chef and a gifted group of cooks. So, you’ll want to spend lots more on personnel salaries and training to attract and nurture the right talent.

4.The legal necessities to open a restaurant in the UK

Your subsequent step is to begin paintings on the diverse legal requirements that each restaurant owners need to satisfy earlier than they can open for enterprise.

In this segment, we’ll run through the legal necessities of commencing a restaurant within the UK, such as the numerous licences and lets in you’ll want before you may open your doors to customers.

We’ll also communicate approximately what you’ll need to do to live on the proper side of the regulation in terms of hygiene and food protection.


Planning permission

Firstly, you’ll need to make sure that you have the proper making plans consent for your restaurant. In the UK planning authorization laws, buildings are categorised based totally on their meant use.

So, if you buy or rent a building that isn’t always currently getting used as a restaurant or coffee-shop, then you definitely ought to obtain the planning permissions.

You can find out which homes would require making plans authorizations for a change of use on the authorities planning portal.

Get a restaurant licence

Almost every sort of business needs a licence to operate. Therefore, any business that plans to participate in ‘food operations’ ought to check in with their local council authority at the least 28 days earlier than they open for business.

It’s free, and it’s very unlikely that your utility will be refused. So sign up your cookery using the online government website as soon as possible.

Moreover, for serving dishes that use meat, eggs or fish, you will also want to apply for a food premises licence.

Comply with food-safety regulations

By far the most worrying and complete set of guidelines that restaurant owners ought to comply are the hygiene and food-safety regulations. These laws guide you how to buy, prepare dinner and serve your meals. In addition to the hygiene law, your kitchen and waiting workforce should follow.

Food safety

Every venue is inspected and given a hygiene rating by the Food Standards Agency. You’re legally obliged to display your rating in which your clients can see it. So, having a poor score from the FSA can be a major turn-off for capacity customers.

In the worst case, you may even lose your licence or you can be temporarily suspended till you clean up your act.

So, you’ll want to do everything you can to make certain that your restaurant meets kitchen hygiene rules. That method you’ll need to have separate sinks for hand-washing and dish-washing, in addition to separate areas for prepping raw and cooked foods.

To learn more, we invite you to read the Food Safety Regulations Guideline article.

Alcohol licenses

For some people, just eating is not the same without a glass of wine or beer to enjoy their meal. If you plan to serve any type of alcohol to your clients, then you will need to apply for a premises licence with your council authority.

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Your application must include your details (which include a plan of your restaurant) and an operating time table of the hours when alcohol can be offered. Once submitted, you’ll want to show your application somewhere for your premises for 28 days.

You’ll additionally want to have a delegated premises supervisor (DPS), who will need to maintain a non-public alcohol licence. It’s as much as the DPS to make sure that alcohol is sold in a professional, responsible manner.

The DPS doesn’t need to be on the premises at all times. However, they ought to be familiar with your enterprise operations to act as a felony representative. To get a personal licence, your DPS need to first get a permitted qualification, to make them privy to licensing legal guidelines and train them to oversee the sale of alcohol professionally.

At last, you’ll have to display your licence in the interior of your restaurant. You’re now all set to begin serving alcohol on your visitors.

Safety and Health regulations

The health and safety requirements for strolling a venue may be significant. So, take a look at the Health and Safety Executive Guidance to examine more about your duties.

Minor injuries like burns and cuts are in particular, not unusual accidents in professional kitchens. So you must ensure your workforce to have access to a first aid kit to treat any minor injuries, together with detectable plasters and burn dressings.

There have to also be a plan in the vicinity for reporting and recording all accidents that manifest on-site, regardless of how minor.

Music licences

restaurant music

If you need to play background music in your restaurant then you will have to apply for a tuning licence. These are issued via PPL PRS and ensure that the proprietors and performers of the copyrighted track are reimbursed for the usage of their tracks.

The value varies depending on the size of your restaurant and the number of people you employ.

If you’d as an alternative now not pay for a licence, then you can still play the royalty-free song. There are several royalty-free songs to be had mainly for use. So, simply make certain it fits with the general atmosphere you want to create.

5.Restaurant Financing

Startup costs are probably the top of mind. Conform to a survey via Restaurant-Owner, the median price to start a restaurant is about $275,000. If you also very own the constructing, the median price rise as much as $425,000.

From restaurant equipment loans to others that cowl all of your enterprise expenses, you can find plenty of funding alternatives to be had for starting a venue.

However, before a financial institution presents funding, they’ll want to recognize that can consider you are making your payments on time.

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Credit Report

Normally you’ll want a credit score rating of 650 or better to reap a loan. Lenders will also examine big activities for your credit score report, including bankruptcies, to make sure you aren’t a risky loan applicant.

Debt to Income Ratio

A ‘debt to income’ ratio will look at your incomes compared to all your expenses (utilities, rent, car costs, etc.). This will determine whether or not you have the funds to take on monthly payments.

Down Payment

A down price is a percentage of the purchase price of your loan. You may be required to contribute with 3-30% of the full loan charge.

When you’re ready to apply for a loan, be equipped to answer the subsequent questions:

  • When and why you need the money?
  • How your documents introduce you?
  • Are you ready to use?
  • Do you control your personal money properly?

6.Restaurant Location

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Not each food-carrier operation will require a retail location. But if you need it, you’ll want to not forget the subsequent:

– Accessibility for customers
– Level of visibility from the street
– Rent cost level
– Restrictive ordinances
– Clients parking
– Proximity to different other businesses
– Future improvement of surrounding area

7.Restaurant Business Plan

If you decide to work with investors, they’ll want to see a clean and concise restaurant marketing strategy. Even when you don’t have investors, a marketing strategy could be useful as a roadmap for opening a venue.

Here are a number of the maximum essential objects to consist of in your restaurant’s marketing strategy.

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Execution summary

This segment is going to list your undertaking statement, execution, a top-level view of costs, anticipated ROI, etc. It may be a high-level overview of your whole business plan.

Costs to open a restaurant

When it comes to the cost of beginning a restaurant, the exact figure you need to spend will range among distinct businesses. As with any enterprise, venue start-up fees can range very much, relying on how bold your concept is and what sort of cash you have access to.

Here you have some of the principal costs that new eatery entrepreneurs may encounter on their avenue. So, you can get a concept of how tons investment you’ll need and what to encompass on your economic plan.

The local will be your largest investment

No doubt, your restaurant might be your biggest expense. A leasehold property will almost constantly be less expensive than a freehold. So, depending at the region and the dimensions of the immobile, you could anticipate paying anywhere from £40,000 to  £200,000.

Moreover, if you’re buying or letting via an agency, then you’ll also have their fees to pay. If you’re shopping for a leasehold asset, then you will need to rent a solicitor to assist the terms of the hire and make sure you get an honest deal.

Don’t assume making large profits proper away

Perhaps the maximum essential factor to keep in mind whilst developing an economic plan is that it’s going to be a while earlier than your venue turns a wholesome profit. Even in the high-quality-case scenario, constructing a successful eatery is going to be a long-term manner. And your economic plan will need to reflect this.

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Given the number of outgoing charges you can count on to pay on your first year of trading, it’s unlikely which you’ll even make enough cash to recover the cost of your investment. It’s a clever circulate to issue this into your financial plan and start with sufficient investment to hold matters going for 12 months or two till business selections up.

If your dream of having your own restaurant doesn’t appear financially feasible proper now, then there are many ways to start a catering business on a smaller budget.

Street food and pop-up restaurants have enjoyed exceptional success in recent years, and in case your idea takes off, then you definitely would possibly even develop your business to some extent in which you’re capable of have the funds for a permanent restaurant.

8.How to set up the commercial kitchen?

Behind every thriving restaurant is an effective kitchen.
In this segment, we’ll discuss how a restaurant kitchen works, and the fundamental appliances you’ll want to get.

We’ll additionally talk approximately matching your equipment to suit your dishes and culinary style, and the way a professional kitchen ought to be organised and laid out so it’s as efficient as possible.

To ensure your commercial cookery will run smoothly, you’ll have to prepare it in 5 primary areas.

commercial fridge

Food storage regions:

Your kitchen needs a manner to store clean produce, dry foodstuffs, and cooked meals safely and hygienically. This includes storage chiller cabinets for raw fish, meat, eggs, and other sparkling produce, such as meat fridge or under counter fridge units.

Cupboards and pantries must be equipped with shelving units, so that distinctive forms of meals may be saved on separate shelves.

Secure, absolutely labelled food storage is a vital part of properly kitchen hygiene so that you’ll want to decant your elements into securely sealed and transparent food storage boxes, and actually imply the use-by date with a label gun.

Many cookeries use a FIFO (first-in, first-out) device for component storage, as this both facilitates to save you spoilage and infection and also helps to save you food waste.

You will additionally need to ensure which you save raw and frozen meals at the proper temperatures in commercial fridge chillers and freezers.

meat fridge

Cooking areas:

The cooking line is the vicinity in which oven and stovetop cooking take vicinity. Depending on the size of your restaurant, there can be separate stations for distinct cooking lines, who will every handle special forms of dishes.

Here you’ll need commercial ovens and stages installed. All of the cookware — such as pots, pans, and roasting trays — will usually be stored in this place, so it could be without problems accessed when needed.

Food preparation areas:

This is the vicinity in which the bulk of cutting, chopping, and filleting of uncooked meals takes area prior to cooking.

For most efficiency, meals preparation regions are usually located between the storage location and the cookery area, as this permits the process to manifest in a single uninterrupted chain.

Keeping separated uncooked and cooked ingredients in the course of preparation is certainly one of the most important factors of right kitchen hygiene.

So, ensure which you’ve got a well-organised system for prepping uncooked meat, vegetables, and cooked meals hygienically.

under counter fridge

Colour-coordinating your chopping forums and different preparation device is a clear, honest solution with a view to help to prevent unintended cross-contamination in the course of busy shifts.

A full set of chef’s knives and any other meals preparation tools will generally be kept on this vicinity. Your slicing tools need to be cautiously selected to in shape the sort of meals being prepared.

Food series vicinity:

That is in which your service staff will collect the finished dishes before serving them to customers. Depending at the layout of your restaurant, this can be accessed via a door or via a hatch inside the kitchen.

Many cookeries will deploy a heated gantry right here to preserve food hot whilst looking forward to service.

Dishwashing and waste disposal region:

This segment is wherein dishes and others are washed and any waste meals from purchaser’s plates are disposed of. Whether you operate a dishwasher or commercial basin will depend upon your price range and the area available for your kitchen.

You’ll additionally want a nicely-organised waste disposal device on this place, inclusive of separate bins to allow you to sort waste and recycling.

Match your devices on your cuisine

Your equipment ought to fit the style and extent of food you’ll be cooking daily. So it’s properly worth considering whether or not there’s any specialist system that might make your kitchen greater green.

For example, if you’re specialized in burgers, then you possibly want a huge griddle or chargrill so that you can cook a couple of orders at as soon as. Or, if your menu includes plenty of sautéing dishes, sauces, and different stove pinnacle recipes, then you’ll want an industrial hob with sufficient burners to deal with this.

Counter fridge

9.Restaurant serving room design

Almost every element of serving room design can impact how your visitors order and experience their meals, according to Modern Restaurant Management. So, it’s vital to choose wisely your décoration, furniture, and tableware.

Keep your concept in mind:

When designing your eating room, the maximum essential component is to attempt to be actual in your original idea. Everything about your eating room needs to reinforce your selected subject.

So, while selecting any element of your eating room, ensure you ask yourself whether it’s going to serve your topic, or be at odds with it.

Be flexible:

From time to time, you’ll want to evolve your table arrangements to suit larger bookings. So it’s a great idea to spend money on smaller tables which can be pushed collectively to house large groups.

Therefore, you could adapt your layout to suit the needs of your booking list, efficiently making the most of the space you have got.

It also enables to have good expertise of the desires and options of your diners. If your eating place can be family-friendly, then it’s in all likelihood you’ll need larger tables to deal with massive family groups, and an ample deliver of high chairs for households with younger children.

If you’re going for a great dining experience, then it’s possible which you’ll want greater person tables to in shape couples, as this is more in line your goal demographic.

Allow plenty of room:

When making plans the layout of your eating room, recollect that you’ll need to allow plenty of space among tables. There’s no criminal advice for this, so you’ll want to use your judgement.

However, more often than not of thumb you have to allow at least 24 inches between the corner of each table.

This will deliver your visitors a little extra privateness to relax and revel in their meal. And allows them to get up and sit down without disturbing other visitors. It will also make sure that there’s enough area for your group of workers to move safely whilst wearing plates to and from the kitchen.

canteen refrigeration

Consider your clients’ comfort:

Your guests are going to spend some hours in your eating room. So you need them to sense at home. Be considerate in their comfort when deciding on seating. And if feasible, attempt out any tables and chairs before you purchase them, so you can be certain they’re comfortable.

If you propose to buy chairs and tables from mismatching sets or one of a kind suppliers, then test that they’ll perfectly match to size whilst used collectively.

Create a design to fit your subject:

Once you’ve chosen your tables and chairs and created a ground plan, you’ll need to create a tabletop design for each vicinity placing. This will greet guests as they arrive at their tables, so you need to make certain their first impression is a superb one.

For example, tablecloths, placemats, and a floral association will provoke in a formal, high-cease placing. However, would possibly appear as an alternative out of location in a casual eatery, in which an easy tea mild or candle holder is probably greater suitable.

10.Create an ordering gadget

restaurant orders

Once you’ve were given your kitchen and eating room fully ready, you’ll need to create an ordering machine to relay purchaser orders to the kitchen. This needs to be fast, accurate, and well-organised so that no orders are missed, and dishes are served as quickly as viable.

Under consideration, many avenues depend upon an electronic POS ordering machine. This a form of software program that can be pre-programmed with all of your foods and drinks items, which include prices, making it much quicker, simpler and more accurate for workers to input orders and calculate bills.

This makes them an in particular critical system in large establishments that might also need to technique loads of orders consistent with the hour at some stage in busy periods.

11.Make a professional website

In present days, an online presence may be vital to your success. So you must make it a concern to get a professional website up and going for walks as soon as possible.

commercial refrigeration equipment

Many current diners depend upon online sources when selecting a restaurant. In fact, 59% of diners admitted that they checked out on-line menus when selecting a place to consume, according to a survey via TouchBistro.

Your internet site must additionally function some amazing pix of your first-class dishes, and some snaps of your venue. So, it can assist to set up a photoshoot with an expert photographer.

Get indexed on TripAdvisor and Google Reviews

Nowadays, diners are only a few clicks far from a wealth of reviews and user-submitted photos of almost any eatery. So, once you’ve opened for business, you’ll need to ensure that your diners have a place to percentage their glowing evaluations of your restaurant.

You can sign your enterprise as much as TripAdvisor through their on-line submission shape.

Publicise your dishes on social media


Social channels are a more and more popular form of publicity. Apps like Instagram or Pinterest may be beneficial promotional equipment for restaurants, specifically to reaching more youthful generations of diners.

As almost all social channels are free to join, it’s essentially unfastened publicity. So set up an account and start sharing some artfully taken pictures of your food.

12.Use flyers and signage

Even in the digital age, print media can nevertheless be an effective advertising tool. Handing out flyers is an easy and price-powerful manner to spread the phrase approximately your eating business.

Create some flyers that fit your logo and idea. And hand out the finished prints to pedestrians, or deliver them to families in the neighbourhood.

Don’t underestimate the energy of a few simple signage, either. Placing a few pavement signage outdoor your eatery advertising a satisfied hour offer or specials menu can be a completely powerful manner to catch the eye of passing pedestrians.

fridge for shop


Now you’ve brushed up on the fundamentals of beginning a restaurant, you can start designing your idea and looking for a venue. And to invest in your new business.

Here, at ECO-fridge UK, you can easily choose the commercial fridge equipment for your restaurant. Therefore, we have plenty of storage fridges like the under counter fridge half-size cabinets or the meat fridge and other upright storage chillers.

Also, to present your goods and entice customers to buy, you need to have visibility of what you’re offering. For this, we offer the commercial display fridge range, like the drinks fridges, serve over counters, patisserie fridges, and multidecks or other display fridge units.

Contact us or buy online from our commercial refrigeration catalogue.

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